The death of Julio Ramirez — last seen at Hell’s Kitchen Ritz Bar and Lounge on April 21 before being found dead on the Lower East Side, his bank accounts emptied — is being linked by the Office of the District Attorney to another gay man’s suspicious death. The mother of the second victim told W42ST that the two cases may also be connected to at least a dozen similar attacks in which the person targeted survived.

John Umberger (front), seen with his mother Linda Clary.
John Umberger photographed with his mother Linda Clary. Photo courtesy of Linda Clary

Early on May 28 — less than five weeks after Ramirez died — 33-year-old John Umberger, a political consultant from Washington DC, left The Q nightclub with two unidentified men. Family and friends, concerned that he wasn’t responding to their messages, alerted authorities that he was missing.

Umberger was found dead on June 1 in an apartment in an Upper East Side townhouse belonging to his employer, Donald Trump impeachment lawyer Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. Umberger was its director of diplomacy and political programs. His mobile phone and credit card had been stolen and more than $25,000 was missing from his bank accounts.

Julio Ramirez Mom Christmas
The death of Julio Ramirez, seen with his mom at Christmas, remains unsolved. For the first time it has been linked to another, the similar disappearance, death and robbery of John Umberger. Photo  via Julio Ramirez’s Instagram

In both Umberger and Ramirez’s cases, initial toxicology reports determined that the men died of “possible drug overdoses” but second, full, toxicology reports have still to be released by the City Medical Examiner. Until now, Ramirez’s death had not been officially linked to any others. W42ST has called for answers to the mystery of his death, including asking Hell’s Kitchen’s elected representatives to help.

A representative from the Manhattan DA’s office said: “Our thoughts are with these families and the entire LGBTQIA+ community. A dedicated team of senior homicide prosecutors and specially assigned analysts continues to actively investigate alongside the NYPD as we await the Medical Examiner’s findings.”

Umberger’s mother, Linda Clary, told W42ST that since her son’s death, she had been in touch with investigators who believe his case, as well as Julio’s, are potentially connected to as many as 12 other incidents where victims survived the attack. “I think there are probably even more cases that were labeled as accidental drug overdoses, which is not the case at all,” Clary told W42ST. “There’s a central pattern here. They ‘roofie’ you, take the credit cards out of your wallet, max them out, PayPal or Venmo themselves, and drain your investment accounts using the phone.”  

Investigators told Clary that there are potentially multiple groups targeting individuals at gay bars in New York City. She is frustrated that Julio’s death may not have been the first attack of its kind, nor was her son’s the last. 

Q Club in June 2021
John Umberger was last seen alive at The Q nightclub on 8th Avenue. File photo from June 2021. Photo: Phil O’Brien

“What’s so heartbreaking is to learn that John was killed the morning of May 28th, on the heels of the Julio case,” said Clary. “It never should have happened to Julio, and it probably happened to somebody else before Julio that we don’t even know about yet. I don’t think Julio was the first time this crime circle did this.” 

Local community members have expressed concern that Hell’s Kitchen residents and the LGBTQ+ community at large are still at risk in the wake of Julio and John’s deaths, particularly within clubs where GHB and fentanyl run rampant.

“First of all, I’m heartbroken over these tragic deaths — all the more because these were members of our community and because these horrific crimes unfolded in the neighborhood in which I currently live,” said Frankie Sharp, a former partner of The Q nightclub, who recently filed suit against the establishment over claims of discriminatory and illegal policies at the venue. “It is also extremely troubling and frightening that there has been no clear resolution forthcoming from the city’s legal authorities or from federal law enforcement.”

John Umberger (center), seen with his mother Linda Clary, and brother Nathan (left). Photo: Courtesy of Linda Clary

“I am also frustrated,” added Sharp. “A large part of my whistleblowing, resultant termination, and subsequent ongoing lawsuit against The Q had to do with what I believed to be a careless attitude on the part of my former partners towards the flow of GHB into the club.

“If it should come to light that the deaths of John Umberger and Julio Ramirez were indeed precipitated by GHB use or with GHB used as a murder weapon, I will feel sadly vindicated and very, very angry. The death of John Umberger after his visit to The Q happened well after my whistleblowing and after repeated assurances that this danger was being taken seriously,” added Sharp.

City Council Member Chi Ossé, who attended a press conference with local bar owners on community safety in the wake of Julio’s death, has recently sponsored legislation that would provide overdose reversal medication and specialized training to bar and nightclub owners to assist compromised patrons. 

Chi Osse Ted Arenas
City Council Member Chi Ossé, who spoke at a press conference on community safety in the wake of Julio’s death at The Spot with owner Ted Arenas, NYC’s Director of Nightlife Ariel Palitz, Borough President Mark Levine and Council Member Erik Bottcher. Photo: Phil O’Brien

“A nightclub can be an intrinsically chaotic and difficult environment to control, so responsible management has to set reasonable priorities,” said Sharp. “Not all drugs are created equal where safety is concerned. Some prohibitions must be enforced at all cost. GHB is exceptionally dangerous in a bar environment — both to the health of the business and to the safety of the customers and community. Whether this tragedy was precipitated by GHB or not, Something like this tragedy is exactly what I feared would result from the negligent, even willfully reckless attitude at The Q at that time.”

“We have to get the word out that there are bad people out here and you cannot be alone,” added Clary. “There’s a consistent theme — just like Julio found himself alone trying to reach his friend, John went to the Q and became vulnerable. It seems to be a recurring theme with these cases — people find themselves isolated and they become vulnerable prey. Never leave your friends alone.” 

Frankie Sharp Q Club
Frankie Sharp, the former partner at The Q, told W42ST: “I’m heartbroken over these tragic deaths.” Photo: Phil O’Brien

Umberger’s case, as well as Julio’s, remain unresolved and both families are awaiting answers. W42ST has reached out to the NYPD for further details on the investigation and we will update if we hear back. A representative from the Office of the Medical Examiner told W42ST that the cause and manner of the deaths were still under investigation.

Clary hopes that by sharing her story, other victims may come forward — and that investigators will make enough connections between cases to arrest the people who caused John and Julio’s deaths. “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” she said. “The person in each of these cases is of value. I want these people off the streets and I want people to be able to enjoy New York as the greatest city in the world, and have fun safely. And that’s not what’s happening right now.” 

If you have been the victim of a similar situation in a Hell’s Kitchen bar, please email us in confidence at or call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 800-577-TIPS

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    1. They know that both men had drugs in their systems, it isn’t the tox reports. It is the cause of death from the medical examiner that they are waiting for.

  1. Thank you for continuing to tell this story. Is there any way community organizing and fundraising could be of any assistance? I’m very interested in helping in some way.

    1. Please please share this story. Facebook’s algorithm does not promote stories like this to our readers. Our daily newsletter readers respond — but sharing widely helps. Thx Patrick.

  2. I don’t understand why NOTHING is being done about this. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
    There has been no progress in this case in months?

    1. There are two separate ongoing investigations, they want them for murder not robbery. Charging them with murder will be a lot more difficult without witnesses.

  3. This is terrifying and so outrageous. Sounds like a serial killer, not even kidding. I hope they catch whoever is doing this.

    1. Me too. The problem is the drug crowd in the gay bars won’t cooperate with police and the victim blaming mentality is pervasive, which is actually a lot more terrifying when you think about it. This could have happened to any of us.

  4. The police have openly stated that there are multiple “gangs” doing this. The thing that is missing in this story is that the “gang” is most likely other gay men, straight guys stick out like a sore thumbs in these places. Gay men have always drugged other gay men to take advantage of them one way or another. The problem now is that the drugs they are using are deadlier and the gay bar owners and managers have allowed drug dealers in to stay solvent. There are two separate investigations, the police want them for murder not just for robbery. When they question the other bar patrons they all claim the victims did the drugs themselves because the drug crowd covers themselves that way. Gay bars are not safe spaces for young gay men and they have never been. Nothing new here, the gay bars are filled with predators, victims, and enablers. I mean, after murdering these guys they met for an expensive brunch, went shopping at Bloomies, and then had a spa day. What does that sound like to you?

  5. I think it’s a mistake to imagine that these two people who died were ‘doing drugs’ They very likely had their drinks spiked by the disgusting murdering prats who put ketamine in their drinks in order to rob them while they were virtually unconscious. Tragic that so little has been discovered by the police in pinning down these atrocities. .. Cameras outside the bars? .. Gotta be an easy one…

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