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Snag a stylish bargain at Karim’s Klearance Sample Sale

The multi-award-winning design whirlwind that is Karim Rashid is a familiar sight around Hell’s Kitchen. The guy definitely has style – and now some of that style could be coming your way, too! From tomorrow until the end of the day on November 28, Karim is hosting a huge sample sale. Choose from 100s of […]

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2020 style

They’ve cut the number of participants by almost 90 percent, and the traditional route is a no-no, but Macy’s is planning a spectacular Thanksgiving Parade for 2020. Dolly Parton, Pentatonix, Patti Labelle and the New York City Ballet head a stellar list of performers, and there’s the debut of a balloon designed by world-renowned artist […]

And this year’s Television Academy award goes to… Gov Andrew Cuomo

There was no more riveting daily series in the world of television than Governor Andrew Cuomo at the height of the pandemic. He’s been honored for his performance with an Emmy! The International Emmy Awards announced today that Cuomo will receive the International Emmy Founders Award for his “masterful use of television to inform and […]

Vital Signs of “The Beating Heart of our City and the World”

Senator Chuck Schumer spoke passionately of the “beating heart of our city, and beating heart of the world” at the Times Square Alliance (TSA) Annual Public Meeting on Thursday. He was talking in praise of the work of TSA outgoing President Tim Tompkins, who steps down next month after 19 years of bringing new life […]

How Small a Turkey?

How small a turkey? That’s what everyone’s googling and asking this Thanksgiving 2020. We’re a half vegetarian, half carnivore household — and we’re unsure about our social bubble — so there’s unlikely to be a big bird in our oven this holiday. It looks like the very smallest turkey you can ever find is a […]

What Hell’s Kitchen has to offer for Thanksgiving 2020

We’ve asked local businesses what they have to offer this Thanksgiving. Many are taking a break to spend time with family — and to have a well-earned break. Others have special deals and meals for you. Here’s the list. We will be updating every day, so if we’ve missed someone, email phil@w42st.com, and they will […]

Good News on the Streets today…

I bring you only good tidings this morning. Happy Wednesday! It was wonderful to meet Jasmine Gerald and the team at Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine on W46th Street yesterday. From now on, if you feel the need to be whisked away to a tropical island, you can quickly escape to Restaurant Row. Congratulations to Nick Accardi […]

West side stories

Matthew Kilgore: Dressing Hamilton and Drew Barrymore

Matthew Kilgore arrived in New York as a dancer with Broadway dreams, which he pursued for 17 years in musical theater. These days he is in the wings, working as a dresser and wardrobe assistant. This is Matthew’s West Side Story… So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I moved to NYC […]

Lynnette Blanche: “Times Square? You mean my back yard?”

Lynnette Blanche is a first generation American, born to Colombian parents in Anchorage, Alaska. She spends her weekdays plugging away as an advertising executive and weekends snapping photos all over the city. Her Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood is often the backdrop. So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?Growing up, I always dreamed […]

Bringing the Bettibar Home!

Hell’s Kitchen mourned when we heard that the Hourglass Tavern and Bettibar were closing on Restaurant Row this fall. Brendan Sokler felt it more than most, he’d hosted his birthday almost every year in the third-floor private room. What to do…? His solution was to strike a deal with Beth and Josh (the bar owners) […]

Charles ‘Chuck’ Gomez — Cuban Son Rising

Charles ‘Chuck’ Gomez has “had a remarkable journey”. He’s the son of Cuban immigrants “who worshiped the American Dream”. As a journalist, he covered civil wars and “had a grenade tossed my way in Nicaragua”. He met well-known world leaders in his travels as an Emmy Award-winning reporter — including Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Baby […]

Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine: “It’s gonna be all right”

One of the pandemic’s bright spots is meeting resilient entrepreneurs who want to be part of bringing back New York. Jasmine Gerald has a beauty business, and when a client — Linda Salamon — suggested they opened a restaurant, she roped in her partner, Lloyd Hollie, and created Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine on Restaurant Row. The […]

Reimagining in a Pandemic

We managed to weather the Sunday night storm, although West Side Rag reports that we lost three willow trees up in Riverside Park near W63rd Street (one of my favorite bits of the river walk). It looks like the Chinese Consulate lost a chunk of its wall in the high winds too. That building holds […]

Reimagining Times Square Without Traffic

Yadda yadda, enough already about Times Square without people – now a German company is envisaging it without… traffic! What seems like an impossibility became a challenge to 3deluxe, who are behind the proposed reinvention of the Crossroads of the World – and who created a case study to show how to banish cars from […]

That Wind + Little Red Wagons

How did you experience that crazy storm last night? W42nd Street looked like Kansas — as this amazing Wizard of Oz video from J-Line shows. We found a new apartment, so it’s time to get my life (and clutter) sorted. First up, dealing with that storage unit! As if to prompt me a little more, […]

Hamilton, Drew Barrymore and Shorts

When the Broadway went dark in March, Matthew Kilgore was a dresser on Hamilton. Over the next few months, he spent time sewing masks and then landed a job on The Drew Barrymore Show. We asked Matthew about the people who inspire him the most. He said: “My theatrical family. I’ve seen our entire industry […]

Last Week on the streets…

What a great week in the greatest city in the world! The city celebrated (and breathed a collective sigh of relief) last Saturday as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were called as winners of the presidential election. There were so many highlights to that day, but the one that will personally remain with me is […]


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