Swinging into Hell’s Kitchen History with Jezebel and Alberta Wright

OLD FLAMES — it all started with a matchbook! Our nostalgic look at Hell’s Kitchen’s history. Welcome to Jezebel… It’s been called “a haven of beauty, almost like a little mini Oz,” but also “a corner on junkie ass 9th Avenue.” Described as “kinda like your grandmother’s house in that it made you cozy, but also […]

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Whisper it — the Streets of NYC Could Soon Be a Lot Quieter

Ssshhh! We’ve heard a whisper that the city’s garbage trucks are about to get a whole lot quieter. The annoying pre-dawn chorus of banging and clanging could soon be a thing of the past — because New York City is trialing electric garbage trucks, with the first in the fleet taking to the streets of […]

Vaccine Appeal for Chuck’s Teacher Millie Glaberman

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised Millie Glaberman as his inspirational high school teacher. When he was Borough President, Scott Stringer proclaimed March 3, 2010, Millie Glaberman appreciation day. In 2018, Senator Brad Hoylman named Millie Glaberman New York State United Teachers Retiree of the year. But Millie Glaberman, community activist and teacher, has not […]

Back to the Future — Cuomo says Movie Theaters can reopen at 25% capacity

Governor Andrew Cuomo has given in to pressure to open New York’s movie theaters again. He announced this afternoon that from March 5, theaters could reopen at 25% capacity, but with a limit of no more than 50 people per screening. The governor made clear that theaters will need to show that they have enhanced […]

Love on the Streets of Hell’s Kitchen

Photographer Tom Zuback started to see love appear on 9th Avenue, in the form of hearts and messages like: “You will be OK. Storms don’t last forever”, “This is tough but so are you”, and “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.” He sent W42ST a message saying “Do you know who is behind […]

Diverse Work that Captures the Art and Soul of Midtown

In a new exhibition entitled “Midtown”, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts’ EFA Studio program presents work by member artists Fanny Allié, Rhona Bitner, Liselot van der Heijden, Akira Ikezoe, Tamiko Kawata, Yongjae Kim, and Javier Romero. “Midtown Manhattan is many things to many people. It is a dense zone of glass and brick, grimier […]

Governor Cuomo increases Indoor Dining to 35% from next Friday

Don’t make a reservation in New Jersey for dinner! New York has decided to increase indoor dining from next Friday to 35% capacity. Governor Cuomo made the announcement today saying that he wants to raise the limit to 35% to align with the rules for New Jersey eateries. “What’s happening now is people in New […]

West side stories

Variety is the Spice of Neighborhood Life for Chef Christopher

What are the ingredients that make Hell’s Kitchen such a tasty dish for Chef Christopher Motta? “Its style… character… the history… and the food and all the bars are a huge plus!” he says. Christopher shares his West Side Story. So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I was born at Jacobi […]

Why Real-Time Illustrator Tracey was Drawn to the Neighborhood

Tracey Kleinman Berglund draws pictures in real-time, visualizing what speakers like Bill Clinton and Melinda Gates are talking about. She’s live-illustrated everything from events about robotics to peacekeeping to focus groups on making tastier sausage products. You will also see her work regularly online in The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts. Here’s Tracey’s West Side Story. […]

Keri is Baking and Connecting with her Abstract Tarts

You might know Keri Jordan-Leander from her baking at Kahve or her Abstract Tart stand at local food festivals. She also wrote for W42ST on Juneteenth last year about what she had learned about racism from her cop father and tortured grandfather. During COVID she’s got a new job (in the accounts department at Levain […]

Century 21 is Coming Back: “Never Count Out a New Yorker”

As New York fights to return, Century 21 will be coming back too! The discount retailer announced on their home page that the iconic brand will be back on the streets of the city this year. Century 21 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September and liquidated its 13 stores in New York and […]

Old Flames and Jezebel

Good morning. It’s another snow day. You know the drill by now. From what we’ve been reading there are 5-8 inches forecast — so that will brighten up those mounds of dirty snow nicely! When Diane Heatherington mentioned to Luisa at Domus that she had a cake tin full of matchbooks and matchboxes, Luisa recommended Diane […]

Lawsuit claims building owners closed the door on Gulliver’s Gate

It was described as “a fantastical model of Manhattan and beyond”, but giant rents brought miniature world Gulliver’s Gate to its knees and the attraction in Times Square shuttered for good in January of last year after filing for bankruptcy. The story doesn’t end there, though — the New York Post reports Gulliver’s Gate has […]

The Art of Noise…

Happy Humpday! Cold and sunny today, but we’re back to snow from tomorrow! Last May, the New York Public Library created “An Auditory Love Letter to New York” — we were missing the noise of the city. Now, as New York comes back, the noise is returning too. It makes me smile when I’m on […]

Lobby Fight & Hudson Iceberg

Good morning. I hope you had a fab long weekend! Following on from our story last week about the Martin Luther King Jr Labor Center and the wonderful mural that’s been replicated piece-by-piece — just a block away, there is controversy about the proposed demolition of the lobby at the McGraw-Hill Art Deco Tower at […]

Landmarking Fight for McGraw-Hill Building’s Art Deco Lobby

Preservationists and locals are fighting to save the lobby of the landmarked Art Deco Tower at 330 W42nd Street, also known as the McGraw-Hill Building. Although the building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989, the lobby is not part of that designation. Ayn Rand described it as “the most beautiful building in New […]

Indoor Dining Survey Results + Last Week

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend. We are sending you love and hugs. Thanks to all the people who took our survey yesterday on the return to dining at 25%. This is the third time we’ve asked the question — the last surveys being at the end of August (indoor dining came back September 30 the first […]

As Indoor Dining Opens Again — W42ST Readers Have Their Say…

Back at the end of August 2020, we took a survey of W42ST readers and their dining habits, focusing on finding out their attitude to indoor dining. At that time, 25% capacity dining was over a month away (it started in New York City on September 30). We asked the same questions again at the end of […]

Are you “Hell YEAH” to indoor dining yet?

Happy Friday — the weekend is nearly here! Woot woot… Governor Cuomo is allowing indoor dining at 25% from today. We’ve run a survey each time that indoor dining has been opened, so we are checking again on your attitude to heading inside. Please take our two-minute survey… Bars like Daltons and Gossip on 9th […]

Ivan’s Slurp Shop has Served its Last Ramen at Gotham West Market

Ivan Orkin confirmed to Eater today that he will not be reopening the Gotham West Market location of his popular Slurp Shop. The location has been closed since early November 2020. It’s a loss to Hell’s Kitchen, especially as he was the anchor tenant at the market. “The idea was to get someone really incredible […]

Hell’s Kitchen heritage…

Happy Thursday. It’s relatively “warm” today — we’re going to be seeing wind chill on Friday and Saturday that will freeze your socks off. I was moved by the reaction to our story yesterday about the Martin Luther King Jr Labor Building and its powerful mosaic that’s slated for demolition soon. Speaking at the Manhattan […]

Love and Art for you today

Good morning! We only have love and art for your today… If you’ve walked along W43rd Street towards Times Square or the subway, you might have glimpsed a sign for the Martin Luther King Jr Labor Center — or maybe you stopped and stared at a wonderful, colorful mosaic mural depicting Black and Puerto Rican union […]

A Loving Gesture — Write in the Heart of Times Square

Many of us have come to appreciate the new, virtually crowd-free, Times Square ambiance. And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to share that affection. The love fest begins today, with the unveiling of Love Letters, created by designers Soft-Firm. The installation won the 13th annual Love in Times Square Design Competition, […]

Moving the Legacy of Martin Luther King — One Piece at a Time

If you’ve walked along W43rd Street towards Times Square or the subway, you might have glimpsed a sign for the Martin Luther King Jr Labor Center — or maybe you stopped and stared at a wonderful, colorful mosaic mural depicting Black and Puerto Rican union members at work and rest, along with a Frederick Douglass quote, […]

The Art of Revitalizing the West Side’s Empty Storefronts

Tired of seeing all the empty storefronts? Locals are working on a plan to turn those windows into space that can be used for creativity. Are you a landlord, do you know a landlord? Read on… ChaShaMa — a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating art where you least expect it — is working to […]

Joe Allen, Le Hamburger + Open NYC

Good morning. The city is waking up to a raft of new initiatives from Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Indoor dining is returning a couple of days earlier than planned, plus there is Open Culture and a star-studded NY PopsUp scheme. Read more… We were sad to hear of the loss of […]

New York PopsUp with Open Culture and Indoor Dining

New York is popping with announcements from Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio about a raft of new initiatives to bring life back to the city. First off, Governor Cuomo gave the city’s restaurants a boost by bringing forward the opening of indoor dining at 25% to this Friday — it had originally been […]


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