Baking Fit for a President — Amy’s Bread Say it with Flour

Amy Scherber, the founder of Amy’s Bread, has been serving Hell’s Kitchen its daily bread for over 25 years. During the pandemic, she’s been adding inspirational messages to her loaves. Today, she and her team turned their attention to the Inauguration to lift the spirits of 9th Avenue. Their window display is filled with bread, cupcakes […]

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New York City turns Red (and Amber) for COVID-19 Remembrance

President-elect Joe Biden has taken time the night before his inauguration to honor Americans who are grieving the loss of family, friends, and neighbors from the pandemic. A ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC earlier this evening has been mirrored around the country either a candle in a window or landmarks being lit […]

Andrew Yang in Quarantine after Colleague Tests Positive for COVID

New York Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang will have to hold back his in-person campaigning for at least a week after one of his team tested positive for COVID-19. The Yang for New York office said that he has no symptoms and has tested negative at this point. Yang’s spokesperson said: “In keeping with New York […]

Capturing a flavor of “Worst Cooks” contestant Jonathan

You might have seen Jonathan Hanna on the current season of “Worst Cooks in America” on the Food Channel, or the 2019 season of “Dating Around” on Netflix — or maybe you recognize his distinctive mustache from the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Here’s Jonathan’s West Side Story… So, what’s your New York story? Born here, […]

Convertible Crashes into AT&T “Spy” Building in Hell’s Kitchen

Late on Saturday evening a convertible car crashed into the corner of the AT&T Building at 811 10th Avenue at W53rd Street. The building has seen increased security in recent weeks since rioters stormed the US Capitol. There has been a consistent police presence in front of the communications center. The Hell’s Kitchen building was […]

West side stories

Patrick’s Hell’s Kitchen Book Club

Patrick Key is a non-profit fundraiser by day, and an avid book reader by night. His claim to fame is being on The Oprah Show for her book club. Patrick’s Instagram account has been our publisher’s go-to place for good reads for the past 5 years (since he recommended the amazing A Little Life by […]

Karin Schall Chalking Her Outrage

Karin Schall is the person chalking up Hell’s Kitchen sidewalks with messages about masks, voting, staying home, and democracy. She says that her superpower is her “outrage”. Read on for Karin’s West Side Story. So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I was the kid from Northern New Hampshire who dreamt of […]

Kelly McCann — ‘it’s oh so quiet’

Kelly McCann arrived in Hell’s Kitchen in January 2020 with her husband, Cameron. She’s taken pictures of cities around the world, and loved the solace she could find in quiet, tranquil places with no people. When solitude became enforced, she says: “I really missed the energy and found myself craving it and wanting to photograph […]

Matthew Kilgore: Dressing Hamilton and Drew Barrymore

Matthew Kilgore arrived in New York as a dancer with Broadway dreams, which he pursued for 17 years in musical theater. These days he is in the wings, working as a dresser and wardrobe assistant. This is Matthew’s West Side Story… So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I moved to NYC […]

Save Birdland Concert Headlines with President Clinton

The final push to save New York jazz club Birdland will be a Benefit Concert on Sunday, January 24 at 7pm. The event line-up includes former President Bill Clinton, Randy Rainbow, Elvis Costello, Leslie Odom Jr, Wynton Marsalis, and Chita Rivera. The original club, named after Charlie Parker, opened in 1949 — but this iteration […]

“A New New York City” — Cuomo Announces $51bn Plan for Manhattan Midtown West

At his State of the State address today, Governor Andrew Cuomo heralded a $51bn reimagining of Manhattan Midtown West that will “spread East to Broadway and West to the Hudson.” Cuomo’s plan, which would create almost 200,000 jobs, includes the redevelopment of the Javits Center, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, and extensions of the […]

New York State of Bike

Here’s something to look forward to  — especially if you love the great outdoors! The Empire State Trail was announced to great fanfare in 2017. It is a continuous 750-mile route slated to become the longest multi-use trail in the country, spanning the state from Plattsburgh and Buffalo to New York City. But that’s where […]

Imagine Pier 84 — DOUBLED!

Good morning. Today we’re talking grand open spaces and supporting our artist neighbors. When NYPD finally moves their tow pound from Pier 76 later this month, Hudson River Park will get a five-acre space back that is twice the size of Pier 84. Imagine that… What’s next is an important decision for our community, which […]

Hold Fast Artists — You’ve not been Forgotten!

Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Hold Fast is serving up a heartfelt message to the performing arts community – you haven’t been forgotten! With Broadway dark and entertainment venues shuttered, the livelihoods of people working in the industry have vanished, with lives put on hold as the pandemic forced the shutdown of their workplaces. It’s a worrying […]


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