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COVID Closures — 50 Hell’s Kitchen Favorites Gone But Not Forgotten

New York — “the city that never sleeps”, “the city that can survive anything”, “New York City Strong!”. All of that has been tested in this year-long pandemic. The wheels of this city were still turning, just in a different way, and sadly some businesses have fallen by the wayside. A jaw-dropping 1,000 NYC restaurants […]

Hell’s Kitchen lost 7,000 Residents During the Pandemic

As the global pandemic unfolded last spring, Hell’s Kitchen was at the center of world news — the Javits Center became an emergency field hospital, USNS Comfort docked at Pier 90, Times Square was empty, Broadway dark and Hudson Yards mothballed. With over half of the neighborhood employed in the creative and entertainment sectors (especially […]

“Coat Check for Bicycles” Gearing Up to Trial at Port Authority Bus Terminal

A pilot scheme for savvy cyclists is about to be launched at the North Wing of Port Authority Bus Terminal, offering low-cost and secure bicycle parking and running April 19 – June 18. Transportation Alternatives’ Bike Valet is like a coat check for bicycles. Storing your bike is a breeze: roll in, drop off your […]

Furry Tales — Our Pick of Rental Apartments with Pooch Appeal

As the pandemic bit and we were told to stay home, many people opted for a four-legged friend rather than be cooped up all alone. Cities documented a record number of dog adoptions, and the streets filled with what the internet began to call “pandemic puppies”. But where are the perfect places for you and […]

Is Jon Stewart Set to Return to Hell’s Kitchen for His Upcoming New Show?

Popular TV host Jon Stewart is returning to our screens — and hopefully a Hell’s Kitchen TV studio — with a new current affairs series called The Problem With Jon Stewart.  Stewart will host, as well as taking the role of executive producer through his New York-based Busboy Productions company. Hollywood Reporter says the show will […]

West side stories

“I Love our Neighborhood Spirit” — Why Hell’s Kitchen is Heaven for Priya

She may have only moved to the neighborhood in 2018, but Priya Ahluwalia has taken Hell’s Kitchen to her heart. Here’s Priya’s West Side Story So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I was born and raised in Delhi, India. I then lived in Beijing, China, for four years (2009 to 2013), […]

Why Foodie Maria is Proud to Have Spent a Lifetime in the Kitchen

Social Worker and community activist Maria Ortiz has lived in and around Hell’s Kitchen for most of her life so she’s certainly got a taste for the place — maybe that’s why she loves the food in the neighborhood so much! Here’s her West Side Story. So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or […]

Why Photographer Robin Loves This “Small Neighborhood in a Big City”

The pandemic has helped photographer Robin Riley to rediscover her love for the work that brought her to New York City in the first place. Here’s her West Side Story So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?I moved here in 1996 from Kentucky to work in the photography business. It was […]

Christine Berthet — a Persistent Voice Above the Hell’s Kitchen Traffic

Hell’s Kitchen activist Christine Berthet describes herself as “persistent.” Since landing in New York from France just over 40 years ago, she has fought to reclaim 9th Avenue from “the hellish Lincoln Tunnel traffic”. For the past 15 years, she has focused those efforts through CHEKPEDS (a non-profit) to stop the gridlock, improve safety for […]

The Watson is Sold as Mayor Pledges To End Homeless Hotel Program

The Watson Hotel has been sold for an estimated $175m, just as Mayor Bill de Blasio pledges to end its use as a temporary homeless shelter. The 600-room hotel, on W57th Street between 9/10th Avenue, was one of over 130 New York hotels used for homeless accommodation during the pandemic. Crain’s reported that The Watson […]

Windermere Could Become Prestige Hell’s Kitchen Hotel

A massive redevelopment of the vacant Windermere building (W 57th St and 9th Ave) is likely to see the dilapidated property return to its previous grandeur, this time as a landmark hotel. With the facade now refurbished, the Windermere could be back in operation with an application before New York City planning officials seeking to redevelop […]

Showing the Love to Local Asian Businesses

Good morning. Humpday’s come around fast. I hope you are having a good week. W42ST has decided to show some love to the #StopAsianHate campaign. From today until the end of April we will be running free adverts alongside our stories at W42ST.nyc for local Asian-owned businesses. We’ve compiled our list from Instagram. If we’ve […]

Fear Sends New York’s Homeless Back to the Streets

What would cause a person to leave a New York City shelter and try to find a place to sleep on the streets? It seems fear is the most common reason.  In a report from the Coalition for the Homeless, the organization states that of the 200 “unsheltered” people interviewed — three-quarters of whom had used […]

Pick yourself up…

Happy Tuesday. I’m happy to be here to tell the tale. A lady stepped out in front of my Citi Bike on 8th Avenue last night. I hit the brakes, hit a pothole, and took a tumble. Fortunately, the kindness of bystanders (loved the young guy who kept on saying “shake it out, shake it […]

Post-Pandemic Social Fitness

Good morning. Big things happening today with all New Yorkers who are 16+ eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. If you need a little extra help to get out of your quarantine life habits, Anna Pakman has a short film, Social Fitness, to do just that. It’s been produced to help raise awareness for greater […]

This week in Hell’s Kitchen…

Good morning and welcome to the weekend. By 11am we’re going to leave behind those 30s temperatures and not be so cold again for at least a week (and hopefully not until late fall!). It was sooooo cold on Friday! What was warming yesterday was seeing neighbors getting in line at Hartley House for a […]

Hell’s Kitchen has a New Vaccination Site for Today — and Maybe Longer!

Hartley House on W46th Street between 9/10th Avenue became a Vaccination Center today (Friday). The project is a joint community effort by Clinton Housing Development Company (CHDC), Hartley House, and Hudson Guild, in partnership with Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center (RCC). Today was planned as a one-off event, but the demand and success of the venture […]

Good News Friday edition

Good morning. We’re making this a “Good News Friday” edition! US employers added 916,000 jobs last month, today’s the day that live performing arts return to New York City — and we report that this month those moving into New York will cancel out those leaving the city for the first time since the start […]

Homeward Bound — New York and New Yorkers Come Back

The New York exodus is coming to an end. A new report by Eastdil Secured and Nancy Packes Data Services — “Homeward Bound” — says the City will return to positive inward migration this month. This is the second report undertaken by the research partnership during the pandemic. The previous one, called “The Great Migration”, […]

There’s little we can do, so let’s do a little…

Good morning and happy April 1! No jokes or pranks today, but I think that our Freeze Frame will make you smile. Read on… Thanks to all the readers who responded to my request for their thoughts on what has happened and what’s next. I also spent many hours on the phone hearing the views […]

Bystanders and Standing By

Good morning, Hell’s Kitchen. It’s been a tough 24 hours in the neighborhood — and it’s unlikely that today will see much improvement. However, it is April tomorrow… The background to my WFH this week has been the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. Yesterday, the proceedings were dominated by reports […]

Why Hell’s Kitchen has a Leading Role to Play in Bringing Broadway Back

While Broadway is the name of the street and section of the city that physically hosts the world’s most incredible artistic oeuvres and creators, Hell’s Kitchen is the home. As Jackie Cox recently told W42ST — “Hell’s Kitchen and Broadway are two halves of a whole, and we’re coming back.” Coming back is what we’ve […]

Police Arrest Suspect in Assault of Asian Woman in Hell’s Kitchen

NYPD has confirmed an arrest in the attack on a 65-year-old Asian woman on W43rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen. Brandon Elliott, 38, will be in court today to be charged with the assault. He is also accused of making Anti-Asian remarks. Elliot served 17 years in prison for stabbing his mother to death in 2002. […]

“How does a Woman get Punched and Stomped on in Front of a Luxury Building and the Doorman Closes the Door?” — Asian American Federation will Sue Brodksy Organization

Jo-Ann Yoo, Executive Director of the Asian American Federation, stood outside 360 W43rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen where a 65-year-old woman was violently assaulted and said that she would organize suing the building’s owners, The Brodsky Organization. “We’re going to sue. I’m so sick of standing here demanding for my people.” The threat was a […]

Stop Asian Hate

Good morning, Hell’s Kitchen. The neighborhood is reeling from news of the brutal attack on a 65-year-old Asian woman just before midday yesterday on W43rd Street. It’s impossible to understand man’s inhumanity to man. Race hate is abhorrent. W42ST deplores the current increase in hate crimes against our AAPI community. We will do anything we […]

“Real Estate Development Packaged as a ‘Transportation’ Project” — Cuomo’s Grand Midtown Plan Opposed

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s grand $51bn plan for Manhattan Midtown West is facing fierce opposition from local politicians and community groups. “The current proposal by the Empire State Development Corporation falls on its face at the first step, as the proposal has no vision for the area or the future,” said Jeffrey LeFrancois, First Vice Chair […]

The Circle of Life

Happy Monday. Get ready for social media feeds full of blossom and more neighborhood favorite restaurants reopening. On my first visit to New York City back in 1991, one of the highlights of my trip was a boat ride around Manhattan on the Circle Line on a sunny winter’s day. Now, most of my time […]

“Just Another Book” by Isma’il Abbas — Prologue

They say you never forget the first time you enter into lockup. Some say no to that, but they are only lying to you and themselves. The first-time sounds, smells and sights of prison are experiences that get burned into you, no matter what you’ve been through. Even if you think you saw it on […]

March Heatwave, Tow Pound Tale + Last Week

Hey, Hell’s Kitchen. What did you think of the 80 degree heat yesterday? It’s only March — we think that it’s going to be one hell of a hot summer! Last night, we caught up with Californian artist JM Knudsen as he dodged the 9th Avenue traffic to paint the outdoor dining spaces at Mom’s […]


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