10th Avenue is about to look a lot different. Construction by the Department of Transport (DOT) is slated to start on a new parking-protected bike lane from W38th to W52nd Street. 

Bikes on 10th Avenue
Bikes currently mix with traffic up to W52nd Street on 10th Avenue. Photo: Phil O’Brien

The new bike lane is bigger than usual – measuring 10-foot wide — and last month, restaurants including Tulcingo Del Valle, DBL, Valla Table, and Mémé Mediterranean along the west side of 10th Avenue between W42nd Street and W52nd Street were forced to remove their outdoor dining sheds to make room for construction.

“I’m happy to say that the Department of Transportation is now starting work on this protected bike lane,” said Council Member Erik Bottcher in a video posted on social media. “This is going to make 10th Avenue so much more liveable, more pleasant. It’s going to slow the speeding traffic and save lives.”  

Last year, Bottcher joined State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal and community members in demanding action toward safe street initiatives as traffic and fatalities continued to rise in the neighborhood. Community members were asked to share their experiences with unsafe driving. 

“I can tell you first-hand how dangerous 10th Avenue is — I biked here today, and was inches from the wheels of an 18-wheel truck, zooming right past my head, very unsafe. My mother would kill me if she knew how dangerous it is,” Bottcher said at the time. 

Erik Bottcher 10th Avenue rally
Council Member Erik Bottcher protesting on 10th Avenue last year. Photo: Phil O’Brien

In addition to the new bike lane, the finalized plan will also increase the number of pedestrian islands from two as originally presented, to eight between W40th and W51st Streets. There will be 10 bike corrals at select islands to protect the space. The hope is that the new bike lane will create a more welcoming and comfortable riding experience. 

“We are reimagining Tenth Avenue for a safer, more sustainable future. This project will deliver much-needed safety upgrades to the Hell’s Kitchen corridor and help support more efficient transportation options,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez in a statement. 

Construction W38th Street and 10th Avenue
Construction will begin soon on the 10th Avenue bike lane from W38th Street. Photo: Phil O’Brien

The DOT initially proposed an eight-foot-wide bike lane but adjusted the plan after receiving feedback from Community Board 4. Construction was expected to start this spring, but was pushed back. 

“We’re a little nervous between W38th and W41st, where there are a lot of New Jersey drivers,”  Christine Berthet, who co-chairs local Community Board 4’s Transportation Committee, told Streetsblog. “They want to bypass the congestion and they do not hesitate to use the bike lane as a bypass.”

10th Avenue Bike Lane plan
The Department of Transport’s plan for a bike lane on 10th Avenue.

The DOT will be monitoring use of the new bike lane before it is extended from W14th Street to W38th Street next year.

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    1. The worse Ever! Will Only make congestion Escalate! And crossing the streets across those bikers in the lanes, is very dangerous! Bad idea!

  1. I hate all bike lanes. No enforcement. Bikes still zoom against the red. Bikes on sidewalks. Motorized vehicles all over, on block and sidewalks, no policing…
    A total waste of money, energy, what have you.
    I hate them.

    1. I agree too Richard, there are many of us.Everyone has a story (or 2, or 3, or…) of the cyclists “bad behavior” and/or being hit or almost being hit by one.

  2. Northbound 10th Ave already is a huge bottleneck at 42nd St and the double parked trucks at Target at 44th and 10th are one of the main causes. Not sure how they plan on managing that loading area with a brand new bike lane dropped in that spot. I cycle everywhere and favor bike lanes but also favor traffic enforcement which does not exist for bikes, especially electric bikes, on 10th Ave or anywhere. I work at 52nd and 10th and crossing 10th you need 360 degree vision to avoid getting hit by speeding electric bikes racing in every conceivable direction. It’s very dangerous, there’s no enforcement whatsoever.

  3. What a great news! 10ave right now in HK is very dangerous. Having a designated bike lane will bring much needed safety in the neighborhood. I bike everyday to work and I am on edge. All e-bikes riders should not use e-motor in bike lanes instead use pedal mode and slow down. Respect other riders and pedestrians. Stop for pedestrians and let them pass. Absolutely no motorized vehicles like Vespas, Yamahas, Suzukis or any others should be allowed in bike lanes.

  4. my long time moto: any system can work only if people abide by it‼️
    but its a beginning of a good news! bike lane is an option to have the PEDAL bikes use it, rather than side walks, or zigzagging through the avenue‼️
    10th ave bike lanes should start at 34th st., be both ways, like part of the bike lane on 11th ave, between 42nd and 34th streets.
    btw, in other big cities, the bike lanes are separated from the street by a curb. i.e. once you enter, you have stay on it up to the next block.

  5. A wider bike lane? Get ready for two-way bike traffic – legal or not. This is guaranteed unless laws are enforced, and we all know that laws are not enforced. I have no illusions that they suddenly will be. Crossing 10th Avenue will become more dangerous for pedestrians because we’ll need to be able to swivel our heads 360 degrees to see the bikes coming from both directions. And if we feel endangered, what should we do? Run three blocks to the nearest pedestrian island?

    Everyone is so worried about making things safer for bike riders, but no one gives a shit about pedestrians. Cyclists care only about themselves and their own convenience, they keep proving this again and again. The response? Let’s do more for the poor cyclists.

    I don’t know what planet Eric Bottcher lives on, but it certainly isn’t earth and it’s no where near Hell’s Kitchen.

    Car traffic on 10th Avenue is already horrendous and dangerous. And now they’re going to take away a lane? And people actually thing this will make things better? Again, what planet do these planners live on?

    1. CHN,
      And Erik clearly never takes a bus.

      Unbelievable how bicyclists (many young and affluent) are prioritized in Manhattan. And zero concern for pedestrians, bus riders.

  6. I agree with others that motorized bikes should not be allowed in the bike lanes. I use a walker to get around and I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been nearly mowed down by bikes that can reach speeds of car traffic. They don’t obey the traffic signals. It’s extremely dangerous. It’s already nerve-wracking being the slowest human out there lol.

  7. Take a good look at the hellscape that is 8th Avenue. It’s a disaster. No one has figured out the motorized everything’s so it is a damn free for all. Plus all the “delivery motorcycles” clutter up the extended walkways so it’s pointless and filthy. This bike lane, pedestrian lane overall is a disaster!

  8. Agree w CHN. Complete emphasis on bike infrastructure without enforcement means more danger from bikes/mopeds. I really want a bike lane on 10th, but the City’s complete failure to come up with a plan to impose order on bikes/mopeds in HK before building this new lane will only make matters worse. Also, there is no mention as to whether this bike lane will be two way. Odds are good that is the intention.

  9. Bus and subway fares have gone up and the MTA has continued to cut bus service/frequency/routes.

    And the City is spending money to expand the bicycle infrastructure?

    Completely egregious.

    The City should be spending transportation dollars to support MTA bus and subway.
    But the bicycle lobby Transportation Alternatives runs DOT.

    Reminder: Congestion Pricing is just for capital projects. CP will not reduce fares. CP will do nothing for bus transit.

  10. A wider bike lane is insane for 10th which is critical Lincoln Tunnel access.

    Folks want their instant gratification Amazon delivery, organic Whole Foods, fresh dog food, artisanal tacos….do they think it gets delivered by stork?

    Truck drivers should refuse to drive to Manhattan.

    1. Bud –
      Anyone who is getting ecommerce delivery or eats at a restaurant or lives in a building that requires service maintenance like HVAC is benefiting from vehicles.
      Unfettered development along with commercial vehicles especially ecommerce and Uber are the big traffic contributors.
      (BTW rich investment bankers are no longer driving in from Greenwich – they are working remotely)

      I do believe the streets should be for pedestrians – not for bicycles.

  11. this is an outrage! more out of control cyclists who don’t respect the rules of the road! more standing car traffic will equal more pollution from car engines! Our city Politicians have destroyed our city! Wake up and stop the destruction! And be more careful who you vote for! I want my formally safe city back!

  12. I’m looking forward to the new bike lanes, but I agree that they need to be monitored better. I enjoy rollerskating and with motorized bikes all over HK, I feel very uneasy about skating outside of the waterfront path.

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