Why Real-Time Illustrator Tracey was Drawn to the Neighborhood

Tracey Kleinman Berglund draws pictures in real-time, visualizing what speakers like Bill Clinton and Melinda Gates are talking about. She’s live-illustrated everything from events about robotics to peacekeeping to focus groups on making tastier sausage products. […]

Patrick’s Hell’s Kitchen Book Club

Patrick Key is a non-profit fundraiser by day, and an avid book reader by night. His claim to fame is being on The Oprah Show for her book club. Patrick’s Instagram account has been our publisher’s […]

Karin Schall Chalking Her Outrage

Karin Schall is the person chalking up Hell’s Kitchen sidewalks with messages about masks, voting, staying home, and democracy. She says that her superpower is her “outrage”. Read on for Karin’s West Side Story. So, what’s […]

Kelly McCann — ‘it’s oh so quiet’

Kelly McCann arrived in Hell’s Kitchen in January 2020 with her husband, Cameron. She’s taken pictures of cities around the world, and loved the solace she could find in quiet, tranquil places with no people. When […]

Lynnette Blanche: “Times Square? You mean my back yard?”

Lynnette Blanche is a first generation American, born to Colombian parents in Anchorage, Alaska. She spends her weekdays plugging away as an advertising executive and weekends snapping photos all over the city. Her Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood […]

Charles ‘Chuck’ Gomez — Cuban Son Rising

Charles ‘Chuck’ Gomez has “had a remarkable journey”. He’s the son of Cuban immigrants “who worshiped the American Dream”. As a journalist, he covered civil wars and “had a grenade tossed my way in Nicaragua”. He […]

Elisha & Laila Ortiz — mom & baby’s West Side Story

In March, Elisha Ortiz was 3 months pregnant. She was locked down at home with her husband at their one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen covering breaking news for NBC. She documented her rapidly changing tastes and […]

Michael Barth: “Go out and make a difference”

Michael Barth is a 26-year-old Wall Street associate. Last month he got a call from a four-star Admiral to tell him that his work with the Coast Guard Auxiliary (the uniformed civilian component of the U.S. […]

Eliza Hamilton – will she be able not to sob?

Krystal Joy Brown can’t wait to get back on stage. She’s been playing Eliza Schuyler in Hamilton on Broadway since mid-December. But she has one reservation about re-opening night: “When the show starts, the crowd always […]

Interior inspiration from the hardware store

We all wear a uniform. New Yorkers wear black. It sets us apart from the tourists. And our homes have white walls. Wooden floors. In this city of glass and steel, we live in neutral boxes, […]

Karim Rashid – it’s a neighborhood thing

Karim Rashid is standing at the window looking out over Hell’s Kitchen. For seven days, he’s not stepped out of his apartment. He’s taken delivery of a treadmill to replace his gym trips and walks. “It’s […]

Marcy Harriell’s hot sauce side hustle

We used to scoff at the term ‘side hustle’,” says Marcy Harriell. “Now we realize we have about half a dozen.” The actress/singer/sewist/vlogger and her husband Rob, an actor/writer who also works in development at New […]

The actor who makes Broadway’s favorite pies

He went from Broadway to baking, but Arnold Wilkerson never lost that sense of performance. My West Side Story – via London and Europe After I finished high school, I thought I should see the world. […]

Max von Essen: Call Me Old Fashioned

Broadway leading man Max von Essen talks about his perfect block in Hell’s Kitchen, where he goes to work off his fried chicken indulgence, and why he loves the old seediness of the neighborhood. Max was […]

Marti Gould Cummings interview

My Hell’s Kitchen story … I moved to New York when I was 17 [he’s now 30], two weeks after high school. I look back now and think: “That was insane! Who thought it was a […]

Telly Leung at home in Hell’s Kitchen

Aladdin on Broadway’s Telly Leung on how he met his husband, his favorite New York hangouts, and what he’d do with his three wishes My Hell’s Kitchen story I grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but […]

A masterclass in the art of drag, with Monet X Change

PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRISTIAN MILES I always wanted one of those punny drag names … like Chandelier Period or Kitty Litter … something like that.” That’s Kevin Bertin (“the whitest name that ever was a white name”). […]

The secret life of drag queen Paige Turner

“Showbiz Spitfire” Paige Turner is a two-time Glam Award Winner, Mac nominee, and featured regular on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She has the longest running drag show in NYC, Slurp Sundays at Therapy […]

Amy Scherber – bread winner

Twenty five years, two apartments, and more slices of chocolate devil’s food cake than she can count … Amy Scherber is a true Hell’s Kitchen icon What’s your Hell’s Kitchen story? I came to NYC from […]