There’s this thing that can happen when you have spent enough time in New York to consider yourself a New Yorker. The constant energy becomes exhausting and so you numb out a little bit to help you manage it (think any vice in excess: booze, drugs, sex, food, bingeing the latest show, games on your phone – the options are endless). But that numbing sensation can begin to make you forget why you’re here in the first place. It can become a go-to response to the “too much-ness” and the endless movement this city thrives upon.

My 2020 vision is to replace my numbness with no-thingness.

The idea that in the space where no-thing exists, there is endless capacity for what can be created. No-thingness offers endless opportunity, it allows freedom for creativity, feelings,
pure potential.

There’s a phrase that I love from the astrology app Co-Star that says: “There is a space between action and reaction. In that expanse lies your power to choose a response.”

I am continually striving to better myself (thank you therapy!), and in 2020 the vision is to continue that practice through new methods (I’m taking suggestions. What works for you?). For now, one moment at a time, I will practice feeling into the no-thingness, allowing myself to stand in my power, and releasing the numbness. Here’s to 2020!


Emily McGill is an entertainment PR who has represented Tony Award-winning productions, music, film and television, and worked with companies from Disney to non-profits and male strippers.

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