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Double chocolate peanut butter cookes

By MICHAEL MUNOZ I love cookies the way Oprah loves bread. A very long time ago, I tried to make a little something called National Cookie Week happen at the beginning of May. This was way back when I first started blogging in 2010 and I figured … 1. Who doesn’t love cookies? 2. A […]

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Taco Tuesday meets dalgona coffee

BY MICHAEL MUNOZ Who are we kidding? Every day is Taco Tuesday these days. From breakfast tacos, to chicken salad tacos and pulled pork tacos, I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a taco! Today’s tacos are tuna – I could have eaten 10 of them! Ingredients 1 can tuna in olive oil Chopped fresh dill […]

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How Hell’s Kitchen eats

How lucky are we to be in this neighborhood, where – even in the era of COVID-19 – markets are bountiful? One out of nine Americans struggles with hunger (11% of the population in our community alone, according to the last census), and food deserts – yes, even here in our buzzing metropolis – are […]

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Supertall, Ghastly Ghouls + Kitchen Gaily

Good morning and happy Friday. Were we the only ones that overheated yesterday afternoon? It really did get hot! More of the same today… Over on 11th Avenue, Black developers, architects, builders and financiers have formed a dream team to develop a supertall skyscraper alongside Hudson Yards and the Javits Center. The 1,500-foot tower has […]