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W42ST Daily 9/27/2020

Happy Sunday!

I’m after your feedback. Please hit reply and tell me what you are enjoying about the daily newsletter, how you are using it, what you’d like to see more of, what could you do without,  and what are you seeing multiple times (and adds little value for you).

Here are some examples I have already had this weekend. One reader wrote: “Thanks for another great newsletter! One request, if possible: when including links to news articles, could you label them to show what site they direct to? I really don’t want to click on links that take me to the NY Post, which I find to be a vile tabloid.”  I have a friend who feels similarly emotive about The Guardian. We are starting to label “What We’ve Been Reading” links from this morning (so it works!)

Another said: “Hey W42ST team – I eagerly open your newsletter every single day. It’s a funny and well-written break from national politics and a global pandemic. Honestly, though, I’m not usually one to read newsletters. Yours however is different. Through it you provide laughs, value, and insight into HK’s best stories! It’s the flat out best newsletter that I have ever subscribed to. Keep Doing What You’re Doing!” 

That fabulous feedback just keeps us getting up in the morning to do this every day. Hit reply…

We’d thought that the trash of Hell’s Kitchen had only become a local obsession during the pandemic, and we featured “Hell’s Kitchen Trash Queen” Catie Savage back in July. Now, we’ve taken delivery of a book full of pictures of the area’s garbage. Scroll and enjoy the photography (and captions) of Richard Panchyk in “Hell’s Kitchen Trash.”

“There’s no way that the numbers can possibly work out with limited dining” – so says Beth at the Hourglass Tavern, who’s among the owners of small businesses featured here. (NY1)

Could cargo bikes change the face of city deliveries? (Streetsblog)

This week, the #wearamask message is being shouted out via tweets shared on big billboards across NYC. (WERSM)

Do you know these men? (NY Post)

Dreading a dark winter lockdown? Think like a Norwegian… (The Guardian)