OBITUARY — Words and Photo by Maura Lynch

Doris Keough was a long-time, beloved Hell’s Kitchen resident who was known by many as a dog walker. She passed away on Saturday at age 78. She was admitted to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and was diagnosed with cancer.

Doris lived in Hell’s Kitchen for decades at Hudson Crossing, on W39th Street and 9th Avenue, and had moved to Chelsea more recently.

Doris was born March 22, 1942 in Brooklyn, NY. She was the only child of successful nightclub performers and grew up living in many of New York’s upscale hotels.

After a long marriage, she lived on her own in Hell’s Kitchen for decades, becoming a well-known dog walker. She loved dogs and favored the large Leonberger breed. She could be found frequently holding court at Astro’s Dog Run on W39th Street and 10th Avenue until it became difficult for her to walk there.

She had many young friends and enjoyed an active social life. She loved attending Comic-Con and the Halloween parade every year. She was a very generous person and would arrange parties at her apartment where she loved to entertain.

Doris loved to be called “Dorry” and whenever asked how she was doing, her usual reply was an enthusiastic “wonderful!”

She also loved the movies and was a big fan of Robert Downey, Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dorry had a master’s degree in agriculture and had worked at many interesting jobs, including in an African zoo. She will be dearly missed by many.

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