The woman who jumped with her dog from a 10th Avenue high rise apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen at the end of last week has been identified as actor Linda Holston.

Linda Holston with Jake at an Easter Parade after moving to the city in 2017. Photo: Facebook.

Holston, 60, and her dog Jake, a 16-and-a-half-year-old rat terrier, died on Friday afternoon after the jump from the rooftop of The Victory at 10th Avenue and W41st Street.

According to Linkedin, the actor studied acting at the William Esper Studio after she arrived in the city in 2017. She graduated from the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in California in 1981.

Jake poses with King Nyani at Hudson Yards. Photo: Facebook.

The New York Post spoke to a receptionist at Pure Paws Veterinary Care, around the corner on W42nd Street, who said Holston brought her dog to the practice for regular care.

She left a note that talked about stress, and bottles of medication were found in her apartment, police sources told The Post.

IMDB lists two acting roles for Holston — a short film called Larry Larissa Linda and in a TV show titled Conversations in Apartment 3A.

In her last known stage acting role, Holston played Meredith in an off-Broadway play called The Accidental Awakening in 2019. “I think that I’m most attracted to this project because it really touches on so many vulnerable places and people truthfully. And for me personally, I go on such a journey and to be with such a cast of artists that are really able to get to the truth. That’s what I strive for and the combination of the verbiage. That’s so raw and also uplifting and painful and funny and poignant. I’m just excited for everybody to see the show,” she said

Linda Holston talks about the role of Meredith in an off-Broadway play called The Accidental Awakening.

Her last job was as a part-time fundraiser for the Manhattan Theatre Club that ended in March 2020.

Instead of a job title on her Linkedin page, Holston wrote, “What a wonderful world.”

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