We’ve been missing the Jon Stewart posters around the ‘hood. He’s heading back to television, will he be returning to Hell’s Kitchen too?

Back in 2014, when Jon Stewart overlooked 11th Avenue. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

The former Daily Show host has been signed up on a multi-year deal with Apple TV+, and first out of the blocks is an as-yet-untitled current affairs series. 

A press release from Apple revealed each episode will tackle a single topic, with each one being “part of the national conversation and [Stewart’s] advocacy work.” It is reported that Apple TV+ has plans for “multiple seasons” of the show, with a companion podcast too. Stewart will serve as an executive producer through his company, Busboy Productions.

The Daily Show continued to be filmed in Hell’s Kitchen — with Trevor Noah as host — at the studios on 11th Avenue between W52/53rd Street (although these days Noah’s home at Stella Towers is mostly used as his studio). The area has always hosted talk shows. Up until 2014, The Colbert Report was filmed on W53rd Street. In more recent times, “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver was filmed at the CBS Studios on W57th Street — that studio is now used for The Drew Barrymore Show.

Remember when Colbert and Stewart both filmed their shows in Hell’s Kitchen?

Where is Jon Stewart’s new baby going to be filmed? They’re keeping that quiet just yet – but we think a Hell’s Kitchen studio would be just perfect.

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