W42ST Daily 7/19/2020

Happy Sunday!

When masks became a solution to flattening the curve and protecting us from the pandemic, Tom Zuback took out his camera and started shooting guys in masks around the west side.

“I set myself this photo assignment to show the gamut of New York men, always willing to wear a mask. We know that it’s critical, urgent, respectful, and the main thing we can do to slow the spread,” he told us. “Obviously, Nobody has the right to just infect other people. And If the toughest men of the country are smart enough and willing to wear their masks, then the rest of the country can see our results, and do the logical step in wearing their masks too. This seems to be a no-brainer. If people know someone outside the NY/NJ area, spread the news. If all NYers are wearing their masks, then everyone can and should  be wearing a damn mask!”  See his pictures

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best pizza joints in Hell’s Kitchen last week. Thanks for contributing.

This week we’re asking for your favorite local burger. To get the juices running, I messaged a few friends about their favorites in this category and have had the following nominations (many mentioned the non-meat options — so don’t feel this is confined to beef eaters!):

Lucky’s Burger | 5 Napkin | The Landmark Tavern | Shake Shack | Lily’s | Corner Bistro | Kings of Kobe | Route 66 | Times Square Diner | Mercury Bar

Our food writer, Michael Munoz, messaged me with his “best kept secret”. It’s not on that list… but will be revealed on Thursday. 

Who have we missed? Have your say and tell us why. All entries will be put into a drawing for dinner for two (with a bottle of wine) at The Marshal. ENTER HERE. Watch out for our full burger roundup on Thursday.

What’s YOUR subway alternative? Wheels…

Heat and air quality alerts as temperatures set to soar. Scorcher…

A new study has uncovered what we already knew – the rents are still too damn high in NYC. Rent Rent Rent…

Are these budget cuts barking up the wrong tree? Timber…

Remember to keep looking at our “Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN!” list.  We update throughout the day with the newest and best things on offer in the neighborhood. Enjoy…

Thanks to those who have written to us with words of appreciation, bought us coffees (and cocktails… and burgers), and offered their services to support the work of W42ST. We see you and love you. Many have also contributed financially, helping to keep the neighborhood connected and updated at a time when we’ve lost all other revenue. Our gratitude is boundless. If you can help, any amount, no matter how small, makes a massive difference.