W42ST Daily 7/18/2020

It’s been a wild week, what with a grisly murder downtown, the Guardian Angels appearing on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, and the news that Phase 4 is starting Monday, but museums won’t be part of it. And I know you’ve probably been too busy washing masks, researching car rental, and sweating to catch up on everything. So here’s what we’ve been talking about this week.

Crime is on the rise in Manhattan – what is NYPD doing about it?

If you think Broadway has a problematic, racist past, take a look at opera. Hello Otelo!

We continued our reporting on the Hell’s Kitchen hotels being used as homeless shelters, and how one local coffee shop is helping keep New York’s most vulnerable people fed. 

Phil spoke with RuPaul’s Drag Race star Jackie Cox about becoming a celebrity in the middle of a pandemic – “How am I suddenly extremely famous, but just sitting on my couch?”

You told us which is your favorite Hell’s Kitchen pizza – we have the very best here.

And Emily McGill, an entertainment PR, lost all her clients when Broadway went dark – she told us how she was inspired to pivot. She’s not the only one who’s had to be creative – a caterer is going into design, a glove maker is creating custom “face gloves” and an artist has discovered his feminine alter ego. Read their stories.

Over the course of five years, W42ST has published 63 magazines (the 64th was halted in March because of COVID-19). Each cover celebrates the creativity of an individual artist – and more than once the ingenuity of the W42ST team – as well as the evolution of the magazine. Earlier this week, we brought you the first 20 – with Issue 1 available to buy as a poster. Here’s the next 20, from September 2016 to April 2018 – with the Pride cover, illustrated by Tyler Wallach, for sale. Which one is your favorite?

God knows, since working from home happened, we’ve been gazing, glassy-eyed, at the same view for months and it’s getting a bit tired. Take a break from the sight outside your own window and check out what other people can see. Window Swap is a series of 10-minute videos from all over the world – street views in Twickenham, UK; rolling hills in Switzerland; sunsets, construction, and some particularly waggy-tailed dogs on a patio in Portugal. It’s remarkably soothing. Thanks Ben for the tip … now I’m off to record my own vista (hoping the naked guy across the street makes an appearance).

At last, some good news for New Yorkers – the rents are dropping.

Is it feasible for New York to follow the lead taken by Paris, and become a “15-minute city“?

Car rental prices have soared. I wonder why …?

Dining al fresco has just been extended. Hello Halloween! 

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