W42ST Daily 4/29/2020

Good morning Hell’s Kitchen!

I know that we’ve not stopped caring – although these days our actions have a serious ambiguity.

When I go out into the world, I feel like a reverse Good Samaritan. I cross to the other side of the street, wanting to keep my distance.

I have no judgement when someone pushes the “close door” on the elevator as I walk towards it.

As usual, I say a big “good morning” to whoever crosses my path. It’s a habit that embarrasses my children and startles New Yorkers, but it’s in my nature. Can people understand the sincerity behind my mask?

I used to carry pockets full of Lifesavers – I don’t want to be that guy with bad breath. But does it matter any more? I’m not going to get within six feet of anyone. The mints in my pocket have been replaced by a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

And what’s the polite period of time and distance to “scrub” down a credit card after getting it back from a service worker?

These interruptions to our humanity will pass. They will be replaced with hugs, handshakes, and the clinking of glasses. But for now, continue making the effort to say “good morning” to anyone you meet. Make sure that, over the masks, we keep on seeing and acknowledging those around us. We might be contagious – but that doesn’t mean we are not human.

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Hell’s Kitchen’s optimistic futurist Kate O’Neill is keeping positive and helping us look past COVID-19 (even though she’s been in self- isolation with the virus since March 18).  Read more at w42st.com.

Back on Saturday, March 14, we suggested 7pm would be a great time to sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone‘.  Since then things have taken on a life of their own.

If you are musical, give this a go tonight. Pick up your instrument, download the score, and find your accompanist in the crowd to join in a city-wide music performance of ‘For Our Courageous Workers‘.

‘Blursday’, ‘Quaranteam’, ‘Covidiot’ – this pandemic has spawned a whole new vocabulary! Humpday reading…

Complaints about noisy neighbors are on the increase during lockdown. Shhhh…

The Javits Center field hospital is preparing to close its doors. Farewell…

There’s now a hotline for anyone who needs help caring for their pet during the pandemic. Paws here…

My restaurant was my life for 20 years. Does the world need it anymore? Yes yes…

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