Today’s W42ST Daily presented by TFC — 10/7/2020

Did you know there are over 10,000 bodegas in New York — that’s a lot of hard-working cats! And for every supermarket in the neighborhood, there are 7 bodegas.  

These corner stores of Hell’s Kitchen give you unconditional love while asking for very little in return. Well, there is a bit of a markup on Trader Joe’s prices, but at 3am in the morning, that’s OK.

While we battle to save our bars and restaurants and stores and theaters and quality of life, these bodegas (and their staff) are often the forgotten heroes. For all the problems we see on the street during normal hours, their experiences are magnified late at night.

In October 2018, we ran a feature by Tom Fervoy about our local bodegas.  He interviewed “Wally” Wahlid from the Skyline Deli on 10th Avenue and W49th Street. Tom’s going to do an update for us 24 months on — and we’d love to include how your favorite deli has been looking after you for the last six months. Reply with your stories.

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Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine has opened up again on 10th Avenue between W37/38th St.  You are not allowed to do any swooping and hooping in their free-throw basketball court, but you can book it for a private dinner with your group of 10 people or less! Slam dunk…

It’s going to be 77F today, but by next week we really will be deep into sweater weather. Even the corner trash cans are treating the change in temperature seriously. Thx Catie @litter_nyc for the photo. Join her Hell’s Kitchen Litter Legion this Saturday 10/10 at 10am for a neighborhood cleanup.

The number of women cycling in New York has risen by 147 percent. The pandemic has caused a cycling frenzy and a national bike shortage. (NY Times)

We’re listening to the story of Josephine Baker (the inspiration for Chez Josephine on W42nd Street) as told by the team at “You’re Dead To Me” — A comedy podcast for people who don’t like history…  (BBC)

Ars Nova landed the top non-profit spot for diversity in this study, but the overall inclusivity of New York theater is lacking.  (All Arts) 

Did you know Hudson River Park has composting sites open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm at 34th Street, Pier 84, and Pier 96 Boathouse? And did you know that you just subtract 40 to know what street any west side pier is at? (e.g. Pier 96 is at W56th Street.)  (amNY)

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