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Over the course of five years, W42ST has published 63 magazines (the 64th was halted in March because of COVID-19). Each cover celebrates the creativity of an individual artist – and more than once the ingenuity of the W42ST team – as well as the evolution of the magazine. Earlier this week, we brought you the first 20 – with Issue 1 available to buy as a poster. Here’s the next 20, from September 2016 to April 2018 – with the Pride cover for sale.

Issue 21 (September 2016): The Style Issue.

Cover art: Alvaro.

Issue 22 (October 2016): The Comic Con Issue.

Cover art: Rich Bernatovech.

Issue 23 (November 2016): We’re Two!

Cover art: Darius Woo.

Inside: Shakina Nayfack interview.

Issue 24 (December 2016): Happy Holidays, Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Jason Witcher.

Issue 25 (January 2017): Happy, Healthy HK.

Cover art: Paulo Stocker.

Issue 26 (February 2017): Love You, Mean It.

Cover art: Marc Tetro.

Issue 27 (March 2017): The March Issue.

Cover art: Sadi Tekin.

Inside: Tyler Wallach, and Randy Rainbow interviews.

Issue 28 (April 2017): Escape from Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Alexander Lansang.

Issue 29 (May 2017): The Big, Fat Food Issue.

Cover art: Victoria Black

Inside: Amy’s Bread interview.

Issue 30 (June 2017): The Pride Issue.

Cover art: Tyler Wallach.

Inside: Paige Turner interview, coming out stories, the history of the Pride flag, and Monet X Change on the making of a drag queen.

Issue 31 (July 2017): Let’s Go Outside.

Cover art: Christina Chung.

Issue 32 (August 2017): Meet the Family.

Cover art: Team W42ST.

Issue 33 (September 2017): The September Issue.

Cover art: Maria Lavigina.

Inside: Interview with interior designer Patrick J Hamilton.

Issue 34 (October 2017): West Side = Best Side.

Cover art: Omar Mirza.

Inside: Interview with Broadway leading man Telly Leung.

Issue 35 (November 2017): The Kindness Issue.

Cover art: Team W42ST.

Inside: Interview with drag queen and activist Marti Gould Cummings.

Issue 36 (December 2017): The Ho-Ho-Holiday Issue.

Cover art: Neuzeit NYC.

Issue 37 (January 2018): The Change Issue.

Cover art: Billy Woodward.

Issue 38 (February 2018): Free Love.

Cover art: Eugenia Mello.

Inside: Make-up artist Kasey Adam Spickard.

Issue 39 (March 2018): The Art & Design Issue.

Cover art: Alvaro.

Issue 40 (April 2018): Commuterheroes – How New York Commutes.

Cover art: Kai Tsang.