At W42ST, we tend to deal with words and pictures.  This week for me has been about the numbers.

Ever day between 11 and 12 o’clock (depending on the tweet), I tune in to watch Governor Cuomo.  As well as telling us we are #NewYorkTough in words and pictures, he consistently shows us the numbers. He explains the numbers. He graphs the numbers. He gives us the hard truth of what they mean. Every New Yorker watching him daily will come away from this with an education in numbers. A better grasp of how numbers work in the world around us.  We will get through this – and thanks to Andrew Cuomo, we will be more numerate.

And like any great educator, he knows that he needs to keep our attention in class. His sidebar chat with his brother midweek gave me the best chuckle of the week.  The image of the Governor dancing in pink will not just stay in the mind of his brother.

Last night, I chatted with my doctor, Vino Palli. Don’t worry – I’m feeling fit and well. I was checking in to see how he’s been doing. He runs the MiDoctor Urgent Care on 9th Avenue – and mixes that in with leading ER teams in New York. We’d been texting during the week.  His clear message in words was “STAY HOME”

That was his mantra throughout our conversation.  If there is one thing we can all do to take the pressure off ER, it is “STAY HOME”.

He took me through how his life is looking by the numbers.

“ONE day at at time.”

At MiDoctor on 9th Avenue they are seeing around THIRTY patients a day in Urgent Care, about 28 of them with COVID.  He believes 90% will be positive. Out of those, THREE will be sent to ER – with ONE of them going in an ambulance.

COVID-19 tests have been taking FIVE to SEVEN days to come back from the labs.  Some new labs are coming on-line – not FDA approved but approved by the state – that are taking TWO to THREE days.

Dr Vino has asthma.  He is currently using THREE inhalers a day while having to wear a mask for his entire ER shift.

He and his team are allowed ONE mask per ER shift.  They have now made an exception that a mask can be changed after intubating a patient.

Dr Vino had a COVID-19 test more than SEVEN days ago. He still does not have his results back.

On his shift yesterday, there were ZERO large size gloves and ZERO gowns left.

In a typical pre-COVID busy weekend shift, he would see TWENTY to THIRTY patients.  He is now dealing with ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY in a shift.

One night this week, he gathered his team to stand outside at SEVEN pm.  They listened to the applause and were moved. Set your alarm. New York, keep on making some noise.  It helps.

I asked what we else we could do.  He said “STAY HOME”.

As a sign off, he suggested readers help their immune system with supplements.  This is the recommendation that he is giving to all those cases at 9th Avenue who he sends home for self care or who are worried after being exposed to someone who has tested positive.  See the end of the email for his list.

AND 5, 6, 7, 8 … 
I moved a couple of blocks up 9th Avenue (virtually) to catch up with Jacqui Squatriglia at Flaming Saddles.  Three weeks ago she was “shut down by the government”.  She’s finding it surreal, is a little in shock, and cannot get over not having texts in the evening from her bars in Hell’s Kitchen and LA.  Her days are now spent at home with the numbers. She’s talking with the banks. She’s spending time with her accountant. She’s working with her landlords (who she emphasizes have been supportive and helpful). She’s working through the Federal and State grants and forms. She’s in front of spreadsheets.

I asked the woman who choreographed the moves at Coyote Ugly what she was doing to be creative in all of this.  She explained with a smile: “Oh, choreography is all about the numbers. This morning I had my brain wrapped around the financials and in my head I was hearing ‘AND FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT …’”.  Jacqui’s got a new dance. It’s not ready yet.  But she’ll be back on 9th Avenue with it before you know it!

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Vitamin C (500-1000mg) as lozenges
Zinc (100mg) Acetate/Lozenges
Quercetin (250-500mg) twice a day
Vitamin D3 (1000-2000 IU)
Melatonin (1-2mg) at night

Oh – and “STAY HOME”.