Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised Millie Glaberman as his inspirational high school teacher. When he was Borough President, Scott Stringer proclaimed March 3, 2010, Millie Glaberman appreciation day. In 2018, Senator Brad Hoylman named Millie Glaberman New York State United Teachers Retiree of the year. But Millie Glaberman, community activist and teacher, has not managed to get a vaccine in her 10th decade.

Chuck Schumer with his teacher from James Madison High School, Millie Glaberman

Millie’s plight is a sad illustration of how New York continues to struggle to get the vaccination to those in need.

Jean-Daniel Noland appealed for help at the Executive Committee of Manhattan Community Board 4 (MCB4) last night. “My friend Millie Glaberman — the longest-serving member of this community board and in her 10th decade. She’s pretty savvy and still goes to work for the union. She was Chuck Schumer’s teacher and she cannot get a shot. This is particularly disturbing to me.”

Members of MCB4 shared the frustration at the roll out. District Manager Jesse Bodine said: “There’s this continuous dance between getting enough supply to provide and then, when you don’t have the supply, you don’t have the infrastructure to prepare people to get ready to get the supply.”

Executive committee member, Joe Restuccia, has been working with the Ryan Chelsea-Clinton in Hell’s Kitchen on supply issues. He shared: “It looks like the supply is going to start to increase in the next coming weeks. Now the challenge is going to be that there’s not going to be enough locations, which is totally ridiculous.”

“This reminds me of when people are very hungry somewhere and they come with their helicopters and drop the food and then everybody tries to grab something. That’s exactly what it’s like,” said committee member Christine Berthet. “You’re supposed to stay up 12 hours to click on all that stuff. Otherwise, you don’t get a space. It’s just insane.”

We have reached out for comment to Senator Schumer, Senator Hoylman and Comptroller Stringer for comment and will update the story.

UPDATE: Millie got an appointment.

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  1. Opening up all these vaccine sites in other NY areas, specifically for certain zip codes while we in the 100xx zip codes are shut out. Yankee Stadium and multiple others for the Bronx for example. What is going on at Javits? They are only doing second dose now, and who knows what region those people came from. Truly frustrating.

  2. I want to know how Clinton housing development was able to get the Ryan center to vaccinate their tenants and some of them are not 65 and older. They were vaccinating everyone including those under 65. No wonder were running out and people 65 and older can’t even get an appointment.

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