W42ST Daily 7/28/2020

Let me paint a picture for you. I’m sitting in my living room, the AC in the bedroom next to me is cranked up to Hi-Cool, the door’s open, and two fans are blowing aggressively at me like I’m in a cheap rock video.

I blink, and realize that sweat is running into my eyes, blurring my vision. Sweat, in fact, is running everywhere. It’s almost meditative, following the rivulets as they trickle down my spine, wondering, absent-mindedly, where they might end up. I’d get up for some iced water, or a towel, but I’m actually hermetically sealed to the chair. I may die here.

Today is going to be “dangerously hot,” with a high in the mid-90s that will feel closer to 100. Oh, and there could be afternoon thunderstorms bringing strong gusts of wind. Thanks, weather!

So, I’m just saying, investing in some serious AC right now might not be a bad idea. Or investing in Con Ed. The hottest power struggle among friends this week was who paid more for their electricity last month. Your bill was $250? Ha! Ours was $300! 

In good news, if you need to feel the warm inside as well as out, watch this – it’s my favorite video of the week. Stay cool, my friends.

Who’d open a business during a pandemic? Not just any business … but a bar. What kind of madness? 

“But we didn’t,” insists actor and theater owner Roy Arias. “We did by accident. Obviously, if it had been by choice, we’d never have done that.”

He admits to “freaking out” about the future. This is his story.

Ruya wants to know your post-COVID Hell’s Kitchen nail salon suggestions. So I’m coming to you, the W42ST hive mind, to find out. Who’s taking all the right precautions to make our summer mani-pedis as safe and healthy as possible? Let me know – and I’ll pass it on.

“There is no reason why any sidewalk — which is for walking, for rolling if you’re in a wheelchair, for pushing strollers — should be covered by all of this stuff.” The garbage corrals of Hell’s Kitchen – and how residents are pulling on their gloves to help.

Could making sourdough during lockdown be a metaphor for something much bigger? I bake, therefore I am.

The pandemic staycation, and how to enjoy it.

Why some of the city’s storage companies are seeing a boom in business. Moving out.

Could outdoor dining be here to stay? We hope so!

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