In an era when a cup of artisanal coffee can set you back more than $5, New York City’s latest high-tech security measure comes with a surprisingly modest price tag. Mayor Eric Adams, flanked by NYPD officials, announced today at a press conference at the 42nd St-Times Square Subway station that the city will soon deploy K5 Autonomous Security Robots at a cost of just $9 per hour— less than the minimum wage.

Mayor Eric Adams Robot Cop
Mayor Eric Adams said that the 420-pound robot would be “no pushover”. Photo: Mayor Adams Twitter

“Public safety and justice are the prerequisites for prosperity — and we are committed to exploring innovative tools to keep New Yorkers safe,” Mayor Adams asserted, emphasizing the affordability and innovative nature of the new security measures.

The robots, leased rather than purchased to further save costs, come with cameras capable of sending live video back to NYPD headquarters. They will patrol Times Square’s public areas but won’t venture onto the subway platforms. To kickstart the program, a police officer will accompany the robot during an initial two-month trial.

Responding to questions about potential pranks or mischief, Mayor Adams pointed out the robot’s imposing build. “At 420 pounds, this robot is not a pushover,” he assured skeptics, warding off notions that New York’s notorious pranksters might attempt to tamper with the high-tech sentinel. Produced by Knightscope, the 5-foot-tall K-5 robot can work indoors and outdoors, with a top speed of three miles per hour.

The Mayor also proudly highlighted the economic sensibilities of the project, stating that at $9 per hour, “It’s below minimum wage, with no bathroom breaks required.”

The new robot adds to the recent deployment of DigiDogs and drones by NYPD.

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  1. And so it begins. Robots replacing humans. What is their,”acceptable loss of life,” figure? Bragging about how it costs less than paying a human minimum wage? You know what else costs less than minimum wage? A calculator. Anyone in finance should sell their homes and apartments now because you are replaceable for pennies. Instead of taking a photo opportunity, Mayor Adam’s should be trying to help pass laws against Artificial Intelligence replacing human beings. There needs to be limitations set on what A.I. can be permitted to do. In this case- assist our police force, not replace. Instead of a trial period, make it something permanent in which a police officer will not lose his or her position to this robot. Even better, how about using this robot to keep cars from blocking the box? Then there would be no congestion in the city! There would be no need for congestion pricing and the MTA can look elsewhere, perhaps the CEO’s salary to help with their financial deficits. Or, not falsify their on time records. I was told by the bus driver why he was skipping stops. His reply was,”Our supervisor tells us which stops to skip when we are running behind to keep an on time record.” That is a scam, making bus commuters late. When a bus has the “Out of Service,” banner as it passes your stop, but then you see that bus stop one block away, that is exactly what is happening.
    But soon there will be self driving buses.
    The writers and actors are on strike to prevent A.I. from decimating the industry. What they are fighting for is not just for themselves but for everyone. Limiting what A.I. is permitted to do so human beings can not be replaced by them. Which brings us right back to police officers. If you are injured on the street, who do you want there to help you? To comfort you? To even in the worst case scenario be the last face you see before you die? A human being? Or a giant Egg?

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