He has only been in Hell’s Kitchen for nine months — but if Tim McNicholas looks familiar, it’s because he works as an investigative news reporter for CBS New York! This is Tim’s West Side Story.

Tim enjoying a beer at Scruffy Duffy’s. Photo: Phil O’Brien

So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?
I moved to New York City and Hell’s Kitchen in September of 2022 from Chicago. I had a feeling I would like New York, but I didn’t know how quickly I would fall in love with it. It has truly been a joy these past nine months to settle into my new home here and tell the stories of the people of this magnificent city.

What was your first job? What do you do now?
One of my first jobs was raking baseball fields for the Chicago Park District. Simpler times. Last month, I became an investigative news reporter for CBS New York after working since my move from Chicago as a news reporter.

What’s your favorite New York minute (or moment) so far?
There are too many to count already. But one that comes to mind is hearing for the first time how electric the crowd is at Yankee Stadium. Also: tasting Kochi for the first time was pretty great. Oh, and seeing the bartenders start belting out show tunes at Don’t Tell Mama. 

Share with us why you love Hell’s Kitchen
It has a great sense of community. You run into the same people here in the neighborhood, which was surprising to me in such a big city. And of course the food. 

What’s your superpower or hidden talent?
I play the drums (although that’s been a little harder even since I moved into my tiny NYC apartment).

What else should we know about you?
If you see me around, stop and say hello! And of course, if you ever have a story or something I should investigate for CBS, shoot me an email at tjmcnicholas@cbs.com

Tim’s Favorite Hell’s Kitchen Places

Don’t Tell Mama — 343 W46th Street (bw 8th/9th Ave)
Where else will you get served a drink and sung to by the same person?

Tim enjoying a night out at Don’t Tell Mama with his girlfriend. Photo supplied.

Kochi — 652 10th Avenue (corner of W46th St)
The food is incredible 

Scruffy Duffy’s — 639 10th Avenue (bw W45/46th St)
They play the Bears and White Sox games for me. And then they don’t mind that I curse at the TV.

The Waylon — 736 10th Avenue (bw W50/51st St)
Free live music? Sign me up.

Pocket Bar — 455 W48th Street (bw 9th/10th Ave)
There’s free popcorn. What more could you want?

Kohoku-ku Ramen — 709 9th Avenue (bw W48/49th St)
Because spicy ramen is the best ramen

All’Antico Vinaio — 729 8th Avenue (bw W45/46th St)
I went to this place in Florence when I traveled to Italy with my girlfriend. I saw this big line on 8th Avenue and then realized I could get the same amazing sandwiches here.

Landmark Tavern — 626 11th Avenue (corner of W46th St)
I’m from a very Irish neighborhood in Chicago, and I feel right at home. Maybe the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

The Landmark Tavern. Photo: Phil O’Brien

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