“New York’s Coming Back. And So Are We,” reads the cover of the Spring Issue of The Village Voice as it hit New York streets again in print this weekend.

The publication shuttered online in 2018 after 63 years. In December last year, the New York Times reported that Brian Calle, the chief executive of Street Media, owner of LA Weekly, acquired the publication from its owner, Peter Barbey. Calle promised at the time to start publishing again online this year with quarterly print publications.

The new publishers announced on Instagram this weekend: “Back in 2017 we stopped the print edition of the Voice. Turns out that, like Joe Biden, we just needed a few years off. Look for the Spring 2021 edition of the Voice, distributed to select boxes around town, retailers, eateries, bookstores, and apartment buildings.”

The Village Voice had printed its last copy back in September 2017, when the then final issue with Bob Dylan on the cover, hit the red distribution boxes around the city.

Did you snag a copy this weekend?

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  1. I am in Baltimore, MD and would like to know how I can get a copy of the Spring 2021 newspaper with the Statue of Liberty on the front page mailed to me. My son, Zo Medley, is in the article “Selling Pot Is Still Not Easy”. So proud of him!

  2. It won’t be the Same
    times have changed now and what we all experienced “the good old days” , coming up in “The Village” back from the 70’s through the late 90’s with all the diversity and inclusion back, I don’t think it is likely to ever regain those much cherished years in the hearts of visitors & as well as native New Yorkers.
    Maybe a couple of good hearted folks will get together & bring some of the origin back, heck I might not get to see it but I can leave that job to You of this generation, 2022+ Please take care of All of The Village She’s A Part Of Us All.

  3. My husband is from Manhattan and now we live in Florida. He mentioned how much he misses The Village Voice. Is there a way to get an actual newspaper subscription mailed to us ??

    1. Claire… I’ll mail you copies, as they show up in our buillding. destor23 @ a very popular mail service owned by a company called alphabet

  4. I’ve read the Village Voice all the years I lived in NYC, 1961-2009. Then I moved to Mexico (the country – not the state) and want to keep reading it more regularly than when I’m just visiting NYC. It’s still the best news and entertainment source in my opinion and I want to keep reading it. Can you sign me up for the email edition to be delivered to my email box: dw1@nyu.edu Mucho gratis!

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