Popular TV host Jon Stewart is returning to our screens — and hopefully a Hell’s Kitchen TV studio — with a new current affairs series called The Problem With Jon Stewart

Stewart will host, as well as taking the role of executive producer through his New York-based Busboy Productions company. Hollywood Reporter says the show will come to the screens this fall. Fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Hell’s Kitchen is known for hosting TV shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

The Problem with Jon Stewart is expected to run for several seasons, and is Stewart’s first pairing with Apple TV+. The deal to produce the show was announced last October.

It will mark Stewart’s return to the small screen after signing off from his mega-award winning The Daily Show in 2015. He had a 16-year run as its host, with the show being broadcast from studios on 11th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen. Comedian Trevor Noah took over the reins of the program from Stewart and remains its face today.

The Problem with Jon Stewart will focus on current affairs and highlight a single issue each hour-long episode. The subject matter is expected to be a mix of national headline topics and Stewart’s own personal crusades. Each season will also feature an accompanying podcast.

Our neighborhood has long been popular with TV talk shows. The Colbert Report had its studios on W54th Street, while Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was filmed at CBS’s studios on W57th Street — The Drew Barrymore Show took over that space recently.

Back in 2014, when Jon Stewart overlooked 11th Avenue. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

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