W42ST Daily — 9/29/2020

Yesterday, I wrote about how things were changing and then had a flood of positive energy come through the inbox, on Instagram, and most importantly on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.  Lots of good news to report.

It’s great to see new businesses opening in these times. We’d been watching the progress of the coffee shop being built on the corner of 9th Avenue and W43rd Street for months.  Yesterday Grind opened.  Thx for the photo @TheKitchenGaily Our friends at PRINT on 11th Avenue (at the INK48 Hotel) are opening up for indoor dining from September 30.  Their farm-to-table dining is a hidden gem in the neighborhood — and their local sourcing has always been obsessive, with a forager on staff. They’re also opening a market called PRINT Provisions. Cocktails look cool too… Then two of our favorite bars announced their comebacks. Beer Culture is reopening on W45th Street between 8/9th Avenue, and Dalton’s is finally back after such a long break on 9th Avenue. Dalton’s team is “relaunching with a fun new food menu which has been orchestrated by executive chef Darren Pettigrew.” 

One word of warning! W42ST’s food writer, Michael Muñoz, has Dalton’s as his favorite Hell’s Kitchen burger. “As a born and bred New Yorker, you see a place like Dalton’s and you immediately make generic assumptions. Those are: Irish pub, probably has an extensive on-tap beer list, most likely has 40 TVs for sports, probably gets a little fun and rowdy at some point, and if they have food it’s probably pretty generic bar food. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is not only one of the best-kept bar food secrets of Hell’s Kitchen, but this gem also has one of the best burgers, if not THE best burger, in the neighborhood.”

“After 11 years of living in this specific neighborhood, I can honestly say there are few places I have yet to go to, especially as a meat lover. If we are talking about getting our juicy, well-seasoned, meaty, sometimes cheesy, with all the toppings burger fix, this is the place to be. Over the years, Dalton’s has changed their menu a bunch, but one thing I can say that has always stayed constant is their burger. Run don’t walk once they’re open, and if you’re not getting it medium rare you are doing it ALL wrong!”

No pressure, keep calm Darren!

Composting made easy. Fountain House + Garden is a home pick-up composting service serving Hell’s Kitchen. Every bucket of food waste you create helps us to create meaningful employment opportunities. Early bird deal available through October 31st.


So why all this change? Maybe it’s just the planets aligning. That’s what I thought when I saw Gary Hershorn’s photo of last night over 42nd Street.

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