As the pandemic bit and we were told to stay home, many people opted for a four-legged friend rather than be cooped up all alone. Cities documented a record number of dog adoptions, and the streets filled with what the internet began to call “pandemic puppies”.

But where are the perfect places for you and your furry friend to settle down together and chill? While many buildings in New York consider themselves dog friendly, not many go that extra mile to become dog loving. Luckily, Hell’s Kitchen is a dog neighborhood full of buildings with amenities specifically catering to our canine friends. Here’s our list of apartments you and your pup will absolutely love — or should we say, wuv?

A pup making itself at home at Silver Towers. Photo: Silverstein Properties.

Views to keep them occupied – 572 11th Avenue. If your dog is anything like mine, a window they can look out of is luxury living. Boasting floor to ceiling windows in both the living room and the bedroom, this apartment at the Oskar is a sure fire way to keep your pooch occupied for hours at a time. Throw in some around the clock sunbathing, and their bird watching spot will give your pet continuous bliss. At $3,700 a month, this 1-bedroom is also conveniently located a block away from Pier 84’s dog run!

Pet-luxurious, not simply pet-friendly – 555 Tenth Avenue. It feels strange to say a building could be just as much for dogs as for people, but in the case of 555TEN, the description fits. Calling itself as “all-encompassing (for dogs) as it gets,” the building not only features pet care services from the highly regarded group behind Throw Me A Bone, but even has its own covered outdoor dog run for the convenience of residents and their pets, giving you a great opportunity to meet your doggy neighbors. There are only a few apartments available in the building, with prices ranging from around $3,000 to $4,500, so now’s the time to book an appointment for a viewing.

For the love of dog parks, live here – 550 W54th Street. Any dog owner who regularly goes to the dog park knows that, with constant sniffing and stopping, sometimes even just getting there is a 20-minute ordeal. But for residents of Mercedes House who have the beloved Dewitt Clinton Dog Park just half a block away, that is definitely not an issue. The building also offers a VIP Pet Concierge through Spot Experience, which provides on-site dog walkers. If all this isn’t enough to convince you, this stunning $3,746 net effective 1-bedroom apartment comes equipped with its own home office, so you could work from home and stay with your pup.

Go out and walk, or stay in and play – 620 W42nd Street. Just half a block away from the Hudson, Silver Towers’ riverside convenience gives you an easy and scenic way to fulfill your dog’s exercise needs by walking up and down the waterside. If staying in is more your fix, the building complex is designed around a central open space with ample greenery for your pup, and has a separate dog park too. The apartment prices are also something for you to enjoy, with this studio going for a very affordable net effective rate of $2,400.

Private backyard – 368 W46th Street. Sometimes as owners we get incredibly lazy and don’t take the dog out as much as we should. For those times that you want to cheat and stay in your pajamas, having a private ground floor backyard is a great way for your dog to let off some steam. While this 1-bedroom $2,135 apartment isn’t the largest, the backyard practically doubles the space — and all at a great price.

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