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A taxi cab ended up on the sidewalk on 10th Avenue this afternoon after being rear-ended by another car.

The taxi cab ended up on the sidewalk after the crash on 10th Avenue. Photo: Ryan @theshizzz

Police said that a car had collided with the cab. There were minor injuries to one passenger and no arrest was made. It appears the cab took out a parking meeting on its way across the pavement and narrowly missed careering through the window of the dental office.

Walkers on 10th Avenue maneuver around the stranded taxi cab. Photo: Michael William G

The yellow taxi remained on the sidewalk for a couple of hours as Hell’s Kitchen pedestrians casually maneuvered around the vehicle as they went about their day.

Police on 10th Avenue around the stranded taxi cab. Photo: Michael William G

Ironically, the resting place of the taxi just next to Target between W44/45th Street was the site of a recent press conference called by council member Erik Bottcher to highlight the danger of Hell’s Kitchen’s traffic.

Council member Erik Bottcher calling for safe streets in February — in the spot where the taxi mounted the sidewalk today. Photo: Phil O’Brien

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