Just in time for warm summer evenings at Hell’s Kitchen Park, there’s a new place for a cool treat or a sweet eat — Lilly’s Crepes and Shakes, now open on 10th Avenue. 

Mo Salah serves a shake at shop
Owner Mo Salah at Lilly’s Crepes and Shakes. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Lilly’s joins 5 Napkin Burger, Holey Cream, Peachy Keen, Bareburger and the ubiquitous Shake Shack in a quickly-forming Midtown ice cream stronghold. The 10th Avenue shop, which previously housed Valentin Hair Salon, is chock-full of sweet and savory crepe ingredients, smoothies and creative milkshake flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, M&M and Butterfinger. Proprietor Mo Salah told W42ST that the sweet-tooth friendly menu at Lilly’s was no accident. “My family runs delis and I always wanted to open my own business — but I was sick of making Philly Cheesesteaks and burgers,” laughed Mo. “I wanted to sell everything people wanted to eat!”

His first location on the Lower East Side opened in 2021 and was a hit. Mo soon looked uptown to expand. “I love the bars and restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen,” he said. “I love going to Times Square and then heading over here to 10th — it’s quieter.” Once the space became available, it took a year to get the shop up and running but as soon as they opened their doors, the neighborhood came out, said Mo. “We’ve already got regulars,” after only a few weeks. The 10th Avenue business community has also been welcoming. 

Mo hopes that as spring days turn to summer, more locals will venture west to Lilly’s. “I can’t wait for summer — I heard a lot of people come down here by the water.” Asked what he looked forward to enjoying from the menu, Mo recommended the classic strawberry banana shake and a S’Mores milkshake. Sounds like the perfect choice for a sunset stroll in Hudson River Park or sitting opposite the eatery in Hell’s Kitchen Park.

lillys crepes and shakes exterior

Lilly’s Crepes and Shakes is located at 699 10th Avenue (bw W47/48th Street) and is open 8am to 2am every day. 

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  1. Phil again I love your report .I have one you might be interested in ,all organic food between 47th and 48th St., 10th Ave. it’s called West Market. The guys are really really nice guys from Yemen and they’re connected with the one on the corner of 47th and 10th.
    Check it out ,the food is so clean and very good. stocked with all great clean food with mini surprises.

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