Prepare yourself for a unique dining experience at Hell’s Kitchen’s newest culinary gem. Just along the block from Kochi and next door to Nam’s Nail Spa, Sushiichi combines Japanese and French cuisine in a personally curated menu.

Sushiichi Chef Frankie Dong
Chef Franki Dong meticulously curates a personalized menu at Sushiichi. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Sushiichi’s Chef, Frankie Dong, has a special connection to the neighborhood and his Michelin-starred neighbors. “I worked with chefs Kim Songchul and Kim Byoung-jin from Kochi.  We worked together for years at Neta downtown on W8th Street,” he said, adding that his previous experience as a chef had inspired the French twist to his new menu.

Sushiichi is an Omakase restaurant, with Chef Frankie meticulously curating a personalized menu for each customer’s dining experience. According to the Michelin Guide, “few formal dining experiences are held in as high esteem or are as intimidating” as Omakase.

“We have two tasting menus. The first is $90 for 12 courses — the other one is 15 courses for $130,” said Chef Frankie, who takes pride in using the freshest ingredients from Japan and high-quality vendors.  “I can get fish in 36 hours fresh from Japan — here’s a horse mackerel. Arrived just today,” he proudly said.

Sushiichi has bar-style seating which allows customers to watch Frankie prepare their meal and interact and engage with the chef, who provides insight into each individual course as it arrives. In the four dishes he prepared during our photo session, Chef Frankie displayed his mastery with Japanese sea scallop, sea urchin from Santa Barbara, caviar, seven-days-aged Long Island fluke, watermelon radish from Union Square Market, edible flowers, homemade wasabi, bluefin tuna from Spain, soy sauce braised garlic and ocean trout from Tasmania.

Sushiichi Chef Frankie Dong
Chef Franki Dong shows off a fresh Horse Mackerel at Sushiichi. Photo: Phil O’Brien

But why did chef Frankie pick Hell’s Kitchen as Sushiichi’s location — 640 10th Avenue between W45/46th Street, previously home to Bar-Tini Lounge? “It’s easy for everyone coming from New Jersey, Queens or the Bronx. It’s very close to the Theater District. It’s very convenient. It’s only ten blocks everywhere,” he said.

Sushiichi has a sake and wine menu — and can accommodate most allergies and preferences. It is open Monday through Saturday from 5:30pm to 11pm.

Preparing a piece of ocean trout from Tasmania. Photo: Phil O’Brien
The attention to detail at Sushiichi includes cute chopstick holders. Photo: Phil O’Brien
Sushiichi Chef Frankie Dong
Chef Franki Dong meticulously curates a personalized menu at Sushiichi. Photo: Phil O’Brien
Sushiichi 10th Avenue
Sushiichi occupies half of the space where Bar-Tini Lounge was on 10th Avenue — Nam’s Nail Spa has the other half. Photo: Phil O’Brien

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  1. LOL, I highly doubt the majority of readers would remember Bar-tini on 10th ave. You should’ve said where Diane & Elizabeth used to be!

  2. Chef Frankie is a wonderful and talented chef! HK is lucky to have him in the neighborhood. Congratulations, Chef!

  3. Sorry, I hate asking this, but it makes the difference between being able to visit or not…

    Are there smaller meal options for children who cannot fit a full size adult omakase menu in their stomach? (And are perfectly behaved)

    1. Maybe the children can have the 12 courses instead of the 15? I’ve seen kids eat an 18 course omakase before but, if you want to be certain, reach out to the restaurant directly.

  4. I’ve been here!! Chef Frankie was so knowledgeable and I loved the sushi. Staff was very nice and the atmosphere was pleasant. Definitely recommend visiting

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