W42ST Daily 7/13/2020

Blame it on the heat. Maybe the insect bites are making me delirious. Perhaps four months of lockdown are taking their toll. Or is it the heartbreaking news that yet another friend is leaving New York – indefinitely, possibly for ever – the lack of work and the financial stress making it impossible to stay? 

Whatever the cause, I’m feeling nostalgic. And proud. Over five and a half years, we’ve produced 63 works of art – sexy print magazines (you all told us how you loved the feel of the paper), each cover illustrated by a wildly talented artist (and sometimes – when necessary – by the W42ST team). 

So, while we’ve evolved into a digital product – keeping you updated and upbeat through the horror movie 2020 has turned out to be – I’ve been looking back at some of those covers. Here are the first 20 (Issue 1 is now available to buy as a lush poster – how’s that for nostalgia?).

The list of Hell’s Kitchen hotels being used as temporary shelters for the homeless is growing. Here’s the latest – ABC Eyewitness News was on the streets yesterday, following up our story from last week

Times Square vendors are struggling to make it without all the summer tourists. Spare a dollar?

Who threw red paint over the Black Lives Matter mural at Trump Tower? 

Could a lack of funding lead to the MTA cutting subway lines? Late again. 

Vox has followed up on our PPP story from last week. Here’s the latest.

Do Upper West Siders have a sense of humor after all? Crack a smile, people – we’re at TJs!

Thanks to those who have written to us with words of appreciation, bought us coffees (and cocktails), and offered their services to support the work of W42ST. We see you and love you. Many have also contributed financially, helping to keep the neighborhood connected and updated at a time when we’ve lost all other revenue. Our gratitude is boundless. If you can help, any amount, no matter how small, makes a massive difference.