It’s good to STFU on the subway, according to the scientists. So think twice before engaging with your neighbor, parlaying with a panhandler or even idle chit chat – they’re all no-nos in these COVID days.

Why? It’s because even simple, quiet breathing will release aerosol droplets that may suspend in the air for a short time – and could contain coronavirus germs. That’s the warning from David Vlahov, an epidemiologist at Yale University’s School of Nursing, who added that talking loudly will spread even more aerosol droplets that can linger in the air for up to 14 minutes.

“Discouraging talking on public transportation is a reasonable and prudent strategy to put in place,” Vlahov told the Daily News.

“When distancing from each other is challenging to do, then talking should be discouraged during the time of being in a crowded enclosed space,” he added.

“This adds to the effectiveness of wearing masks, regular hand washing and, as the MTA is already doing, disinfecting surfaces.”

Over to you MTA. Meanwhile, just keep scrolling through those phones, people!