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Inspired by theater and jazz, Ralph Walker helped shape the New York skyline during the Roaring Twenties. He saw buildings as a blank canvas, calling his work “art devoted to interpreting human needs”.

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By the time this building was completed in 1930, The New York Telephone Company – its original owner – had already found another, larger home, made necessary by the growing demand for this exciting new invention. 

Renamed after his wife, Stella Tower is now considered one of Walker’s signature expressions of art deco in architecture, and it features intricate carvings and ornamentation in the brickwork. 

Stella Tower is considered one of Walker’s signature expressions of art deco in architecture

Inside, the grille in the lobby has been carefully preserved so it retains the original glamor intended by Walker. The interior was designed to leave a lasting impression – one similar to attending a lively jazz concert or the theater. And the luxurious chandelier reflects that. 

Although Verizon Wireless still owns the lower floors, Stella Tower is another masterpiece telephone building-to-condo conversion.

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