Today’s W42ST Daily — 8/27/2020

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to complete our survey about indoor dining. More than 500 readers took part. It wasn’t great news for those local businesses hoping for a boost with indoor dining though. The Hell NO! votes far outweighed the Hell YEAH! contingent.  Read our report, and readers’ comments here.

We also sent out a survey yesterday afternoon to over 200 local businesses. Results are coming in that will help us understand their situation, and how we can best support them. We will be reporting more on Sunday.

Since the start of the year, we’ve been compiling lists of your favorite places in Hell’s Kitchen. First, we did this through our Best of Awards, which will finally be presented Labor Day week (we even have very fancy trophies!). We’ve also compiled the best pizza and burgers lists — and curated a few favorites of our own. Together, they make up Hell’s Kitchen’s HOT 100.

The list has been (and probably will be) in a state of tweaking and adjustment, with re-openings and closures up until early September.

We’re going to publish the list online, but as mentioned last week, we want to print out thousands of maps to circulate in the neighborhood and to those open-hearted folks from the boros and Tri-state area venturing into the city this fall.

Can you help? Yes! We need $$$s to print and distribute these maps. We’ve already had some pledges from local businesses and organizations, and already your reader contributions have helped immensely. We promise this printed map will be a great way to help our local businesses survive and thrive. Support here…

Love Thy Neighbor…hood. Home has never been more important. With in-person real estate activities resuming, The Dyksterhouse Team is excited to begin showing homes again and are taking measures to ensure that safety is our top priority. Learn More Here

Thanks Ethan, great spot!

In case you can’t wait for the Intrepid Museum to open in a month’s time, you can get your Space Shuttle fix by buying this Food Truck. It’s for sale on eBay for just $149,000.

Owner Omar Elbroody bought the truck (which is made from parts of an old Douglas DC-3 airplane) back in 2015 for $89,000. He says he’s spent over $100,000 on the renovation, but the price tag has dropped from the $230,000 reported back in 2018. If you are struggling to rent an RV for that last-minute trip to a National Park before you start your new food truck business, this could be the bargain you’ve been looking for.

Revel is back – with increased safety measures. Helmet up…

A luxury condo has sold for $6.9m at 35 Hudson Yards. High rise…

“Working together to make things happen” – how actors, directors and stagehands are keeping the Broadway spirit alive. Uplift…

We think Thursday calls for a limited-edition cookie from Schmackary’s – agree? Cookies…

Protected bike lanes will be completed soon on 38th and 39th. Ride…