The pandemic meant that SantaCon had a year off in 2020 — but this Saturday it takes to the streets of New York again. It’s heading to Hell’s Kitchen. Will you be joining in or avoiding?

SantaCon is coming to town — this year with masks though! Photo: Kellan/Flickr

The SantaCon organizers have just published the 2021 route, and it’s coming our way. The starting point is W40th Street and Broadway at 10am on Saturday (12/11). Santas will meet up in the pedestrian plaza between W39th & W40th streets.

Organizers say: “We will be dancing in the streets and will unleash a holiday celebration NYC has never imagined possible!” They are also at pains to stress that in the past decade SantaCon has raised over $550,000 for charitable causes. This year a donation of $13 is expected from participants, which gives them entry to all participating bars until 8pm.

The organizers stress that as well as a Santa costume, all attendees must show valid proof that they received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine as per NYC guidelines. The event that is always a source of controversy in the city is billed by SantaCon as “a charitable, non-political, nonsensical Santa Claus convention that happens once a year to spread absurdist joy.”

New Yorkers opposed to the event started a petition 6 days ago to “Cancel SantaCon”. So far, it has gained 300 supporters. “SantaCon is the worst day of the year in New York City. Each year thousands of belligerent drunk people in Santa costumes flood New York City streets, leaving behind a trail of fistfights, vomit, urine and garbage,” said the petition organizers.

Hell’s Kitchen venues that are officially participating are Hudson Station, 440 9th Avenue, Beer Authority, 400 W40th Street, Twins, 421 9th Avenue, Bar Dough, 350 W46th Street and Scallywags, 508 9th Avenue. Many more bars will be serving the Santas around the area too.

SantaCon has created some rules for this year called “The 6 F’s of Santacon”:

1.Don’t F*** with Kids
2.Don’t F*** with Cops
3.Don’t F*** with Bar Staff
4.Don’t F*** with NYC
5.Don’t F*** with NYC Vax Requirements
6.Don’t F*** with Santa’s Charity Mission

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  1. More transparency, please. Show us receipts from the charities you fund,
    Santacon. And while $550,000 over a decade is nothing to sneeze at, neither is it enough $ to make us smile on your participants.

  2. Kathleen, I completely disagree. When was the last time you gave an average of $55,000/year donation to charity? It is certainly something “to sneeze” about and a considerable amount for the minimal inconveniences we face during this event. Any charity big or small is still charity. While I agree, Santa Con releases tons of drunk Santa’s on the street, but they are young and doing it when they should. Let them enjoy life for one day out of the year and deal with your internal inconveniences. You can still do 100% of all your errands/chores regardless if this event occurs or not.

  3. Are we going to stop the ball drop on New Year’s Eve because it interrupts New Yorker’s lives…..It’s NYC, let’s put on our adult clothes and act like one. We live here for the hustle and bustle, you cannot pick and choose what happens in your neighborhood on a daily basis. Everyone thinks they are entitled to get their way and what they want. GO SANTACON GO!!!

  4. I’m a proud resident of Hells Kitchen, but Santa Con and St. Patrick’s Day are truly the grossest days to live here. Drunk Santas puking on my sidewalk by noon.

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