If it seems too early to think about Thanksgiving, New York City is already planning further ahead to the first snow — and is recruiting people to clear the drifts.

Snow Shovelers Training Dec 2020
Snow shovelers training on 11th Avenue and W54th Street in December 2020. Photo: Phil O’Brien

The shovelers, AKA Emergency Snow Laborers, are vital workers who remove snow and ice from bus stops, crosswalks, fire hydrants and steep streets after heavy snowfalls — like the one in February, when 16 inches dumped by Winter Storm Orlena brought Hell’s Kitchen to a standstill.

The Department of Sanitation pays the laborers $17 an hour, and $25.50 if they go over 40 hours in a week, which would mean a serious fall of snow. You can see it as a vital public service —which it is — or the chance to get paid for an intense workout in the cold.

And W42ST may have found the perfect Hell’s Kitchen candidate: outgoing Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who frolicked in the snow back in March 2017 when a late-season blizzard blanketed the city and led to that day’s taping being canceled.

Noah showed one approach to the white stuff: treating it like Nusret “Salt Bae” Gökçe’s favorite seasoning. He captioned the now deleted (but we have a copy below) video #SnowBae. As well as showing snow skills, Noah will be looking for work after his farewell performance on December 8 when he leaves the show.

So @trevornoah, if you’re interested, here are the crucial details: Recruitment is online via the Sanitation Department’s website with registration appointments in Hell’s Kitchen at the department’s garage on W57th Street close to 12th Avenue. You have to be over 18, and able to work legally in the USA.

Trevor Noah took to the snow on W50th Street in March 2017 to show off his #SnowBae skills. Video: Trevor Noah Instagram

And if you’re wondering if you should follow the DoS’ example and get ready for the white stuff yourself, Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests this winter will be colder than average, with more above-average snowfalls predicted for the north-east.

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