There’ll be tickets, socially distanced lines and limited chances to capture that Instagrammable moment if you plan to take a visit to the Rockefeller Center tree this year.

The Rockefeller Tree on arrival on November 14 (photo: @justine_nyc) and yesterday with its makeover (photo: @jetsetleslie)

Following the lead of last week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Mayor Bill de Blasio says visiting the tree will be a scaled-down event.

Details on the ticketing plan have yet to be revealed, but de Blasio warned: “This is not a spectator event like it’s been in the past and we all need to stay safe and we need to avoid crowds. I’d say, if you get a great ticket go see it.”

He added: “But what we do not want and can’t have is large crowds of people trying to get close; it’s just not safe. It’s just not like holidays we’ve gone through before. Lets get through 2020, let’s turn the page, in 2021 we can get back there to celebrate the tree the right way.”

This year’s tree lighting ceremony – to be held on Wednesday – is different too, as there will be no public access to the event. Keep an eye on for more details on how you can see it.

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