Today’s W42ST Daily presented by Intrepid Museum — 10/1/2020

Happy October. It’s my tradition to say either “pinch, punch, first of the month” (which involves me being next to you and assaulting you) or “Rabbit rabbit rabbit”.  What did you say first thing this morning?.

How was your first day of indoor dining?  Did you venture in to your favorite local restaurant?  Remember to tag #W42ST in your pictures as you explore the neighborhood. 

It is a huge day for the Big Apple Meat Market. It’s great to have an independent business (with good quality and keen deals) expanding in the neighborhood. They are in soft launch mode at their new store on 9th Avenue between W41st/W42nd Street. Please make sure to show them some love (and buy groceries) in the next week. They’ll be rattling around in their 9,000 sq ft without you.

Yesterday, we attended the Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Board meeting (via Zoom). The areas with the homeless hotels (and particular drug abuse) are now causing public safety concerns, rather than just quality of life issues. Local leaders called for urgent action “after a complete failure of leadership from the Mayor’s office” with one suggesting action to “defund the politicians”. Read our report here… 

The moon goes down as the sun gets ready to comes up over Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards this morning. Photo: Peter Shankman.

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Just down the block (very near to King Nyani —everyone’s favorite gorilla) the neighborhood has benefited from young people getting back to studies (and painting murals).  Read about this ‘kaleidoscope of hope” at Hudson Yards.

Splash out on a visit to see Jackson Pollock’s largest painting at the Guggenheim. (TimeOut)

The parking placard abuse clampdown on city employees has finally caught someone, after seven months. (Streetsblog)

“Unless you own a business, you don’t know!” Watch this video of Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery owner arriving for work yesterday on the Lower East Side… and weep (IGTV)

Who the hell needs a lion sized mask (maybe it’s King Nyani!) ” Someone keeps stealing the masks from the lions at New York Public Library.  It’s happened so many times that “the masks are now placed on the lions at 9 a.m. and are taken down at 5 p.m., and will not be put up on Sundays.” (NY Post)

Remember our story last month about New York Sports Club?  Well NY Attorney General Letitia James is going after them (again!) for charging “illegal dues”. (Forbes) 

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