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W42ST Daily 6/18/2020

In amongst the chaos of New York City, I diverted my gaze from my restaurant survival worries — and landed on playgrounds. WTF is going on. The move to get them open has resulted in Mayor de Blasio getting them welded shut in Brooklyn (his home town, I’m not sure how much time or headspace he actually gives to New York!)

I remembered that a ground breaking (but low resolution) music video by Paul Simon was shot in Hell’s Kitchen.  Let me present “Me and Julio down by the schoolyard”.  I’m assured (from a Google search) that it has cameos from Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Spud Webb, Mickey Mantle(!) and John Madden. I’m a Brit, that might excite those sports fans who are missing sports as much as we all are missing the playgrounds! It’s Thursday (so I’m focussed on that #TBT thang). 

If you watched the video, you might be asking: “Where was that shot?” It’s Mathews-Palmer Playground, between 9th/10th Ave and W45th/46th St. We reported back in April 2016 on the plan so save the historic mural. Here’s the story and an update. Let’s make this remarkable project happen…

The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance has relocated its wellness programming to Zoom. Classes are available on evenings Monday – Thursday, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and they’re FREE! Donations are being accepted, and distributed to citywide causes. Learn more here.

This company is still doing old-style milk deliveries in New York City. Got milk?

A planning group is proposing the creation of a network of protected bike lanes across the five boroughs. 425 miles…

Think you know Grand Central Terminal? Prove it at tonight’s virtual trivia quiz. Clues…

How the Times Square Alliance is helping local businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Crossroads…

Lincoln Center’s iconic fountain has been transformed for Pride. Rainbow alert…

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