W42ST Daily 7/26/2020

So New York has become sub-tropical during the pandemic. I don’t think we can blame COVID on that one. I think that’s climate change. Remember that?

I have a reputation for killing plants, no matter what the climate. My one success was when I was given a plant f0r Christmas, and it managed to drag itself through 5 years with me.  It even took a trip to  The Ritz Bar as a prop to my Halloween costume one year (the plant was Audrey II, I was Seymour). It had a good life. Its survival was not down to anything that I did.

For some reason during the lockdown, we took on some plants. We even packed them in the car when we headed to the Catskills for two weeks. It’s a worrying trend (especially for the plants!)

However, I am no longer stressing about this  after reading a thread on Nextdoor this week.  

Q (Matt): Where can I  get reasonably priced potted plants?
A (Catherine): Home Depot — if you keep  the receipt, they’ll take back a dead plant in the pot. and you get a free new one!

Result!  However, I’m not sure how good that’s going to be for global warming.

“It’s just nice to  walk down the street and not see trash everywhere. It’s one little thing that makes me feel like maybe New York isn’t completely going to shit.” 

Read about (and join) Catie Savage in cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen’s streets.  It could become a passion. You can even start today at 11:30…

There’s a new COVID-19 testing site coming to 330 W 42nd St. Test here…

Why the weight you’ve put on during this pandemic is proving a lifesaver for the city’s tailors. Button up…

Calls for mandatory training as incidents involving rented scooters increase. Rev slow…

“COVID life at Grand Central has been tough” – Eater NY takes a look at how the Terminal’s restaurants are coping. Ghost town…

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