The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has issued a violation and shut down the elevator that killed a Food Emporium worker yesterday afternoon (Tuesday).

FDNY at the scene of the elevator fatality on Tuesday afternoon.

Officials said today that the elevator was unregistered and illegal. The worker has been named as Maria Sanchez; she was 39-years-old and from the Bronx. Preliminary investigations determined that a worker in the supermarket was loading a small freight elevator (dumbwaiter) in the basement, when the device moved upwards, causing head trauma to the worker.

DOB has issue a Cease Use Order for the dumbwaiter, and a violation to the building owner — Manhattan Plaza Inc — for the illegal unregistered device.

FDNY at the scene of the elevator fatality on Tuesday afternoon.

Andrew Rudansky, a DOB spokesperson, said: “This tragic incident shows just how dangerous unregistered illegally installed elevator devices can be for New Yorkers. We have shut down the dumbwaiter, and will be thoroughly investigating this incident.”

We have requested a comment from Manhattan Plaza and Food Emporium.

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  1. I always wondered how that dumb waiter was allowed to operate in that location. It looked hazardous to customers utilizing the store. It took me awhile to ignore it😡. Especially the location. I’m surprised that was the first accident .

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