W42ST Daily 7/12/2020

Today we ask the question “Who you gonna call?” when you need help to fight crime. New York City has 77 police precincts and NYPD say they “are divided into sectors that correspond, as much as possible, with the boundaries of actual established neighborhoods.”

Hell’s Kitchen is split between 3 precincts and home to the heavily armed Strategic Response Group on W42nd Street. That doesn’t appear to be the best way to police our “established neighborhood”.  The three precincts cross over at W43rd and 9th Avenue, which has become known as a crime hotspot.

We contacted NYPD to get their comment about the reports of  violence, harassment, and drug deals soaring  in the neighborhood (some of it a result of homeless shelters moving into hotels) but they did not respond to our inquiries. 

Read our analysis (based on NYPD’s own information) as to who is policing the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. We have no answers, and  NYPD is not weighing in either!

Throw Back Thursday is being replaced. #TBT is becoming #BBB  (Build Back Better) — bringing together all the stuff we used to love and the innovative stuff that’s come along during the pandemic.

We’re starting with PIZZA (Where else?!).  We messaged a few friends about their favorites in this category and have had the following nominations:

Corner Slice | The Marshal | Sacco | Bar Dough | B-Side | Uncle Mario’s | Il Baretto To Go | Upside Pizza | Claudio’s

Who have we missed? Tell us and try our fun quiz. All entries will be put into a drawing for dinner for two at Ardesia. ENTER HERE. Watch out for our full pizza roundup on Thursday.

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