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Y’all, somebody out there made a deep data dive of New York City’s bagels!! There are matrices!!! There are rankings!!!! There is fine-tuned analysis of each bagel’s taste profile and texture!!! This is my bible!!!!!

But seriously, one of the many reasons I love this town is that there is always someone out there willing to do the in-depth research on where you should go if you want the best bagel, donut, bagel and donut, pizza, cocktail, latte or breakfast sandwich (yes, I realize these are all food items and it’s not an accident!!). Then, they release their findings and we all fight about them! Bliss!!! 

See you out there — I have new bagel places to try!!!

❓Quick Question
What New York City-specific item would you choose for such a PhD-level project???! or WHAT IS YOUR FAVE BAGEL PLACE!

🔮mercury is now direct, babes!!
Fun fact about me: I have made at least two major life decisions based on psychic advice (only one was from a Magic 8-Ball!!). Plan out your own 2023 at the Mindscapes Tarot Immersive Gallery Show Thursday January 19 through Sunday January 22 at the Chain Theatre (opening night January 19). Featuring work from New York-based artist John A Rice, be prepared to “experience Tarot as never before” and pick up a few decks of your own! 

🧵 a stitch in time 
I’m old enough that I had to take Home Ec (known in the late 90s as “Consumer Sciences” lololol). I watched one of my classmates halfheartedly attempt to poison everyone by putting dish soap in muffins and also got a D on my sewing project. So! Maybe I should stop by the New York Sewing Center’s one-day bootcamp on Sunday February 12, where you can learn how to make a tote bag, skirt, or pajamas from a commercial pattern that will earn you a higher grade.

🎶 la vie en rose
Edith Piaf was France’s very own Judy Garland (or maybe Judy Garland was America’s Edith Piaf??? We are too American-centric!!!). A tragic, immensely talented figure, relive the best of the vocalist’s artistry at Piaf! The Show, playing Wednesday January 25 at The Town Hall and starring Nathalie Lermitte, who is described as performing “the most beautiful tribute ever produced on Edith Piaf’s career…” 

🎭 wolf pack
Making its way uptown after a sold-out Soho Rep run, Hansol Jung’s searing story of adoption and familial ties comes to MCC Theater in Wolf Play, opening Thursday January 26 to what reviewers are describing as a “thrilling” theatrical experience. 

🍷 a bottle of red, a bottle of white…
Is Dry January over for you? Book it to Chelsea Industrial Saturday January 28 for NYC Wine Fest where you can enjoy vino from around the world along with live music, food and games. Cheers!!

🎶 leading lady
Perhaps it’s from a longstanding career playing them 😉, but I have a lot of love in my heart for musical theater’s supporting actresses — the unsung heroines of any show IMO!!! See one of Broadway’s best supporting actresses, two-time Tony Award nominated Jennifer Simard in Can I Get Your Number? at 54 Below Friday January 20 and Saturday January 21 who says “the second banana never gets a song. Until tonight!!” I’m in. 

🧧 lunar new year near hk!
Lunar New Year begins Sunday January 22, and you can celebrate locally at the Hudson Yards, who are hosting a series of traditional lion dance and ribbon performances Saturday January 21, Saturday January 28 and Saturday February 4. Just down the way, check out the Pearl River Mart festivities in Chelsea Market Saturday January 28 where you can enjoy free food, drink and performances. And uptown, head to the Museum of Arts and Design for an all-ages Lunar New Year craft workshop on Sunday January 22.

🍸 love potion number nine
This one’s for the organized romantics: it’s never too early to plan a Valentine’s Day date night, and the mixology classes at Liquid Lab are open for February 14 (they sell out fast!!). Learn to make your own holiday beverages and compete in a class-wide specialty cupid cocktail competition — it beats jostling for a spot at the bar!

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🎭 pass the gabagool 
If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve taken up rewatching The Sopranos for the 80th time instead of completing my New Year’s resolutions. So imagine my delight to see Sopranos: The Musical showing Monday January 23 at Union Hall. Follow along as performers Mary Houlihan and Nick Naney “write and star as high schoolers who write and star in a Sopranos musical…Previous plots include the gang traveling into Tony’s brain; the DiMeo crime family impersonating Slipknot to write a nu-metal song about respecting your parents; and Anthony Jr. getting lost at sea while windsurfing.” See you at Satriale’s! 

🌹 will you accept this rose
TBH, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the Game of Thrones-esque Bachelor universe, but I know there are some Bachelor Nation folk who read this newsletter!! And they would want to know about Talea Bar’s Bachelor Trivia Night Sunday January 22  hosted by top-notch comedians Fat Carrie Bradshaw and Lauren Brickman, who are sure to rule over the proceedings with style and satire. 

🧧 lunar new year celebrations in bk, bronx and queens 
There are a plethora of Lunar New Year activities afoot in the outer boroughs — including the annual Brooklyn Children’s Museum celebration on Saturday January 28, the Queens Museum festival on Sunday January 29 that features performances from the New York Chinese Cultural Center, calligraphy workshops and lantern-making lessons, and the Wave Hill Park family fan-making project on Saturday January 21. 

🍸 ice ice baby 
Well, it has yet to really snow here in New York City. And not that I’m out here manifesting the slush of Januaries past, but it might be fun to experience a little winter chill at The Polar Lounge at the 1Hotel in Brooklyn, now open for the season. Enjoy a cocktail in a rooftop ice castle where partial proceeds go to polar protection environmental group Oceanic Global. Bundle up! 

🍿 let me do the talking, angel
If you’ve already blown through the entire Knives Out series, why not go old school and catch a screening of Bogart-Bacall noir classic The Big Sleep at the Museum of the Moving Image Friday January 20 and Sunday January 22 for all the crackling wit and complicated twists you’re craving! 

🧧 lunar new year in chinatown and fidi
In addition to the South Street Seaport’s Lunar New Year festival Saturday January 21 and Sunday January 22, be sure to stop by Chinatown’s opening firecracker ceremony Sunday January 22, the spectacular parade Sunday February 12 and the Museum of Chinese in America’s family festival Saturday January 21! 

🔥 Hot tip 
Think candles mean the saccharine scents of a 2000s-era mall Bath & Body Works? Try again. Make your own home scent at Wick and Pour, New York’s newest candle-making lab where you can make a one-of-a-kind creation that will absolutely drown out the weird smell coming from the garbage bags on the sidewalk. 

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
The Secret Life of Pets is screening at the Museum of the City of New York Saturday January 21!

Ziwe’s January 31 show at the Bell House is sold out 😩but maybe it’s worth checking day-of in case someone cancels!!!

The Moth’s Story Slam returns to the Bell House Wednesday January 25!

There are Drag Race viewing parties at 3 Dollar Bill and Hush this Friday January 20

And speaking of, there’s a Lady Gaga-themed drag brunch at Trattoria 34 this Sunday January 22!

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