My first Thanksgiving was in 2013. We’d organized a gathering of New York “orphans” to get together, and the venue fell through at the last minute. I hired folding tables and chairs and filled my apartment with 24 people for Thanksgivukkah (a special renaming, as it coincided with Chanukkah).

It’s the most special day in America. I still cannot believe how uncommercial it is, how people truly give thanks, and I can understand the desire to congregate together.

This year, we’ve made a decision to celebrate à deux, the two of us. However, I’m making a pledge to host VACCSGIVING in 2021. It’s going to be a very long table. I’m thinking at the 9th Avenue Food Festival or on the deck of Intrepid for WestsideEATS in May or June. If you can save your urge to gather in a large group until then, come join me — we’re going to have a lot to give thanks to!

We’ve updated what Hell’s Kitchen has to offer for Thanksgiving 2020. There are new additions that include a special Turkey Empanada from Empanada Mama and a great value three-course dinner at the Skylight Diner. Check out the page, or download the app.

I’ve still not been to the Macy’s Parade — shame on me! My friend, Gary Hershorn goes every year and has the photos to prove it. Check out his pictures and what you can see and watch this year.

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