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I will put it on record that despite being a lazy bum who loves to sleep in (sorry, Mom), I think that daylight savings time is a bad idea!! I will gladly sacrifice that one hour of extra rest for a world with less Seasonal Affective Disorder (by the way, please feel free to send me your SAD light recs — I never buy them because I think they look like fluorescent office lights which, frankly, make me MORE depressed!!). 

As the days get darker and colder (though thanks to climate change, we’re not quite there yet…), I’ve decided the cure for oncoming winter blahs is to make my own SAD lamp out of the bright shining lights of Broadway theaters, concert halls, comedy clubs and dance floors. But I also should still buy a SAD lamp. 

To keeping things light!! And embracing 4:30pm sunset happy hours!!!

❓Quick Question
Other than the SAD lamp, what New York activity cheers you up in grey weather???

🎭 i saw goody nurse with the devil
I’m unwilling to fully shed last week’s witchy theme — so you won’t be surprised to know I’m super excited to check out Sarah Ruhl’s latest play, Becky Nurse of Salem opening next Tuesday at Lincoln Center. Starring Tony Award winner Deirdre O’Connell as the modern-day descendant of an accused witch, it’s sure to be as spellbinding (sorry!) as it is hilarious. 

🎃 the smashing pumpkins
If you, unlike me, are more than ready to leave Halloween behind, why not productively bid your jack-o-lanterns goodbye at Pier 84’s Pumpkin Smash composting event this Saturday, where you can be sustainable, practice stress relief, and save your softening squash from the city’s rats. 

🎙 what’s that sound
SITI Company takes on the legacy of Orson Welles and rumors of an alien invasion in their new radio play War of the Worlds, now showing at the Laurie Beechman Theatre this Saturday. We hear it’s out of this world 🙂 

🏀 two households both alike in dignity 
Now that both the Red Sox and Yankees have lost (we both ended badly, but I must admit my beloved Red Sox were perhaps worse) it’s time to re-engage the Boston-New York rivalry at the Celtics-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden this Saturday. If you’re new here, I root for the enemy lol. My apologies to Spike Lee, who absolutely subscribes to this newsletter. 

🎤 but seriously folks 
Sponsored by the world-famous Caroline’s, the New York Comedy Festival launches next Monday with over 200 star-studded performers giving their best set at venues all around the city  — including sets from Conan O’Brian, Jimmy O Yang, Jenny Slate and Wanda Sykes (playing at the nearby Beacon Theatre) — and of course, multitudes of acts at Carolines, where hundreds of future superstars have made their mark among the very discerning crowd. There’s no audience more honest than New Yorkers, and if you don’t believe me, hit up an open mic night lol.   

🎭 no spoilers but
I’ll admit, I fully expected Chekhov’s First Play, closing this weekend at the Irish Arts Center to be a faithful adaptation of the late Russian playwright’s typical family drama, but…y’all, this was one of the wildest and weirdest plays I’ve seen in a good long while. I can’t say much more without ruining your experience, but please go — and let’s get drinks afterward and talk about it!!!!!!

🎶 the greatest stars
Broadway’s bright Funny Girl star Julie Benko (also a renowned jazz vocalist!) joins up with jazz pianist and husband Jason Yeager at 54 Below this Monday for Hand in Hand, an evening of selections from their new album that range from American Standards to original compositions!

🧗‍♀️ in the heights
I won’t rehash my little phobia, but for the braver among us, the kickass folks at the Central Rock Climbing Gym is hosting a Ladies’ Climb Night next Monday. The event is free for first-time climbers and welcoming to all (even the fraidy-cats like me!!). As organizer Judy Kuan notes, “Come with questions, beta, courage or fear, and we will help you no matter what level you’re at! Plus, who doesn’t love climbing with a crew of lady crushers every month? All women, nonbinary persons, and anyone who feels comfortable in spaces that center the experience of women are welcome!” 

🤸 up in the air
And if you prefer to watch others from the ground, there’s always the AirOtic Soiree, a Cirque-du-Soleil-type sensual aerial cabaret playing this Friday at HK Hall!

🎭 on her own
New and exciting original works continue at the United Solo Festival with Lisa Pezik’s original, one woman musical,  Too Big for Her Britches playing next Wednesday at Theatre Row, in which the actor tackles over 20 characters and the eternal battle to accept yourself as you are! 

🎭 other than that mrs lincoln, how was the play?
One of the most anticipated revivals in decades — the darkly comic fable of two brothers named Lincoln and Booth are back in Suzan-Lori Parks’ Pulitzer Prize-winning  Topdog/Underdog now playing for a limited run on Broadway. Run don’t walk to see the performances that may very well earn Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Corey Hawkins Tony noms. 

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🎂 sweet tooth
Did recreating Claire Saffitz’s delicately sweet, well-balanced dessert recipes also mentally get you through quarantine (shoutout to those malted chocolate brownies!!)??? The much-beloved New York-based home baker has a new cookbook coming out (the appropriately titled What’s For Dessert?) and is chatting all things sweet with fellow culinary luminary Christina Chaey at St Anne’s this Monday. Here’s hoping they serve a few preview snacks!!!

🎶 autumn in new york 
For syncopated beats and smooth vocals, head uptown to the 5th annual Washington Heights Jazz Festival, beginning tonight and running through the weekend at various restaurants, bars and clubs near 181st Street, including my personal favorite, the fun and funky Le Chéile pub where you’re always guaranteed a great burger and excellent live music. 

🖼 the mummy
For the budding archeologists among us, a new, immersive, multi-sensory exhibition from National Geographic exploring the life and afterlife of the famous King Tut is now showing at Pier 36! 

🎭 peace treaty
Dancer, choreographer, writer and filmmaker Katherine McClintic has put together a stirring evening of live performance and film screening at Ending the War on My Body, a celebration of the author’s newly-released book of poems. Featuring McClintic’s work in collaboration with other New York-based artists, dancers past and present will especially connect with her honest exploration of the intense physical scrutiny imposed on performers. 

🎶 earworm alert
There are some songs that are just made for dancing alone in your apartment, and Don’t Lose Sight by Lawrence is certainly one of them. After you’ve finished playing it on repeat, head outside to their three-night Staycation concert at Brooklyn Steel this weekend, each evening featuring its own theme and set list that’s sure to make your Spotify queue for weeks to come!

🖼 true native new yorkers 
Begin Native American Heritage Month with a visit to the Museum of the American Indian, now showing a wide-ranging exploration of the true legacy of indigenous people at the Native New York exhibit — acknowledging the “Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) ironworkers who helped build Manhattan’s iconic skyscrapers to Lenape (Delaware) teens visiting their ancestral home, stories of Native New Yorkers provide an expanded understanding of the region’s history and reveal that New York is — and always has been — a Native place.” 

🏃‍♀️ born to run
The New York City Marathon is this Sunday, and even if you’re not running this year (looks like I forgot to train again!!!!), the 26.2 mile, five-borough race is a true joy to witness. Cheer on hard working runners from around the world with your fellow New Yorkers, and if you are running this weekend, as my marathoner brother would say…get after it!!!!!!

p.s. — if you’re running and want to share your bib number with the W42ST, reply and let us know!

🔥 Hot Tip
THERE IS A  LOWER EAST SIDE BOOKSTORE WHICH GIVES YOU A PICKLE WITH EVERY BOOK YOU DONATE. I REPEAT, YOU GET A FREE PICKLE WHEN YOU DONATE A BOOK!!! Independent used bookseller and briny snacks??? They’re clearly trying to lure me to Sweet Pickles Books, where founder Leigh Altshuler took her pandemic job loss and turned it into a tasty pivot. Let’s go!!!!!

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
The International Puerto Rican Film Festival opens next Wednesday at El Museo del Barrio!!

There’s a Hell’s Kitchen Litter Legion cleanup this Sunday 

Head to a Proenza Schouler sample sale next week!!!

Election Day is next Tuesday 👀

There’s a Friday Night Live artist panel and show at local gallery Maison10 (email to RSVP!)

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