Happy Wednesday. Sometimes when we find stories, we get that “you couldn’t make this stuff up” feeling. Yesterday, was one of those days.

The Vessel plans to reopen for Memorial Day weekend, with one of the suicide prevention measures being to bar people from visiting alone! The 150-foot sculpture at Hudson Yards was closed in January after the third suicide in less than a year. More here…

Just weeks after relocating his Hell’s Kitchen outpost to the Lower East Side, Clark Chung’s November 19 storefront suffered a devastating setback when a car crashed into it on Monday. More here…


We bid farewell to the Time Warner Center — and say Hallo Deutsche Bank Center. Did you spot the name change?

What we’ve been reading

Facebook is bringing workers back to the office. (Crain’s)

Smile! Sales of teeth whiteners are up as masks come off. (CBS)

What happened to Derrick Ingram after last year’s NYPD standoff in Hell’s Kitchen? (New York Magazine)

New Yorkers are loving Little Island. (Gothamist)

Apartment or Compartment? Errrm, what did you expect for $800, guys? (Digg)

Freeze Frame

Pop by and say ‘hi” to artist Demit Omphroy, who is working on bringing his “inner child” to W42nd Street at the former Rustic Table restaurant. He’s part of HYHK Alliance’s Artscape Revival project — a storefront beautification program that partners with property owners and artists.

Demit works with simplified lines and primary colors and is “fascinated by the concept of eternal youth living inside of everyone. He believes as people get older, it is imperative to maintain and nurture that inner child — free to make mistakes, free to create without bounds.” Depending on the weather, it should be completed today.