Happy Wednesday. Today (at least during the day) is going to be drier than expected. However, there will be heavy rain late evening through early tomorrow morning.

Back in May 2019, W42ST reported that out of 59 community boards in NYC, our neighborhood was 57th in line when it came to the planning gods giving out green space. This year, Hell’s Kitchen is about to get more places and spaces for outdoor fun! Read more…

If you have been captivated by the TV streaming docu-scammer series like The Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna and Bad Vegan — you’ll want to get the early news on W42nd Street’s self-proclaimed “Wolf of Airbnb”. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

Casa Dani has moved in next door to José Andrés’s Mercado Little Spain — and the reviews are in. (New York Times)

Will the state put $15 billion of climate funding into the budget? (Brooklyn Paper)

Souped-up car doing donuts leads to critical injury for a spectator. (The Village Sun)

Remember all those rent vouchers for the homeless? It’s 10 months on and only 5% have been used. (City Limits)

New York restaurants have a legal right to check for vaccination — but it’s causing protests and harassment. (Eater)

Freeze Frame

It’s often tough finding a Citibike to ride in Hell’s Kitchen — but it looks like there’s an alternative service starting up! Thanks to Nancy for this picture from W47th Street. “On the street! Hell’s Kitchen. Choose your ride. I laughed,” she said on Instagram.

Happy birthday to Rick Campanella and Carol Paulino.