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I have a wonderful cousin who is an expert at finding funky, slightly random, adventures that simultaneously make you say “lol what?!” and “why not???!.” So it should come as no surprise that when she visited me last week, we found ourselves on a gigantic tour bus serving formal afternoon tea and circling around Midtown. There was a (very good!) “crooner” on board providing light historical facts and Frank Sinatra tunes (and bus passengers who were clearly auditioning to be the next crooner on board), there were trays of miniature pastries, we had to turn the bus around at some point because it was too wide to turn onto a sidestreet. It both made me say “lol what?!” and “why not?!!” and we laughed the entire way. So no matter how long you’ve lived in this fair city — or, even if you don’t — make sure to keep people in your life who are always down for funky, slightly random adventures!! See you on the tea tour!!!!

…when you can only think as far ahead as Monday!

🎤 she’s dying out there
In keeping this newsletter spoiler-free, all I can say about Rachel Bloom — known for, among other things, the fantastic Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — and her new, one-woman show Death, Let Me Do My Show playing the Lucille Lortel through September 30, is that you should go see her. It’s a wild and wonderful time and you won’t regret it!! Go see it and we’ll discuss!!!!!

🍺 septemberfest
It may not feel like October 🔥, but you can still get your OktoberFest beer and pretzel on by heading to the Seaport for the first weekend of OktoberFest at Pier 15 this Saturday September 16!

🖼️ the daily draw
Though she became known for her wire sculptures, artist Ruth Asawa also produced a prodigious collection of drawings — now, a new exhibit at the Whitney Museum explores Asawa’s daily drawing practice through a collection of more than 100 works, many never-seen-before, September 16 through January 15!

🎶and that’s what you missed…
It seems like Glee references and alums are all over New York these days  — if you’re in the mood for a tribute performance to the Ryan Murphy phenomenon, you can catch some of New York’s best drag artists and friends at Glee Dollar Bill playing 3 Dollar Bill September 15! 

🎭 a victorious time
I have not yet seen Purlie Victorious: A Non-Confederate Romp Through the Cotton Patch, the first Broadway revival of the Ossie Davis comedy starring Leslie Odom Jr as the eponymous traveling preacher and now playing on Broadway — but I hear from some of my favorite B’way insiders who caught the invited dress that it is not to be missed. See you at the box office!

🎶 have a rockin’ new year
Unlike Ron DeSantis, we at W42ST believe in the separation of church and state — but I do like to occasionally throw some holiday events in here that are also events ya know?! One such is Rosh Hashanah at the Bitter End September 16 where, in a very punk rock New York way, you can ring in 5784 with a rabbi and a jazz quartet!

🎭together wherever they go
I know very little about the upcoming Broadway premiere of Gutenberg! The Musical (beginning performances September 15) other than a) it’s loosely about the invention of the printing press and b) it stars B’way besties Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad. Not since Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in The Producers has there been such a buddy duo!!! I do support the printing press!! Let’s go!! Why not?!!

🎭 how much per word
The theme of this week’s newsletter is clearly A Few Shows that I’ve Seen and A Bunch More New Ones I’m Excited to See and Pay the Writer, playing now as a visiting production to the Pershing Square Signature Theater, is no exception. First of all, I support any sentiment where writers are getting paid and secondly, it stars three really good actors (Ron Canada, Bryan Batt and Marcia Cross from the likes of Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, Wedding Crashers and beyond)! 

🐟 gone fishing
I spent this week taking a deep dive into the history of Hudson River Park, which turns 25 this month! One of the cooler initiatives the park’s many stewards have installed is the Project Wetlab Look-In in which you can take a guided tour of the river’s wildlife (who knew there were seahorses!!!). The next one is September 17!

living for the city
Local favorite the Fountain House Gallery opens its latest exhibition, Cityvision tonight and runs through October 25 — stop by to see “the artists of Fountain House Gallery address the organic entity that is a city, whether real or imagined”!

🎤ur favorite reading material
“‘Legendary cock lobster’, ‘My life is on fire, I think I’m in love’, ‘Life ain’t all burritos and strippers, my friend’ — these are just three examples of the bathroom stall graffiti that Caitlin Cook has been obsessing about and photographing for over a decade,” reads the logline of the performer’s musical comedy show The Writing on the Stall playing now through September 23 at the Soho Playhouse. Go to see if she’ll shout out your favorite!!! 

👖 thanks, it has pockets
I’m already a superfan of Avery Trufelman’s podcast delving into the history of preppy clothes American Ivy — so I was thrilled to hear that just in time for September Fashion Season she’d be joining Hannah Carlson to talk about the microhistory of pockets at the New York Public Library September 15. If I were you I’d wear…pockets to keep all of your burning questions???

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🍷from applause to zorba
Multi-talented performer and host Chris Metzger-Timson brings his popular musical theater trivia series to Broadway Happy Hour at VERS September 18, where you can also enjoy songs from Hamilton alum Blaine Krauss and show merch giveaways! 

🎨 dream weaver
While I only know one person in my life who owns a loom (shoutout to Judi!!), most of us out here aren’t experts in weaving. If you want to become one (or just long to experience the meditative quality of crafting!!), why not head to the Threads on My Mind workshop September 21 at the Museum of Arts and Design, where artists will walk you through the technique needed to one day buy your own loom and make that tapestry!! 

🎭 busy beavers
Y’all. I am a longtime fan of the underrated, extra-strange, cult musical (Bat Boy fans STAND UP) and thus I immediately perked up at the logline of the star-studded (Kara Lindsay! Stephanie D’Abruzzo! Todd Buonopane!) performance of selections from new musical Hot Dam! at 54 Below September 22, in which “on a sunny morning in ‘The Town 30 Minutes Outside of Poughkeepsie,’ the local beavers storm the town square with three DAMands: they require higher wages, closer lavatories, and longer lunch breaks to maintain the dam that sits on the edge of town. If these needs are not met in five days’ time, they will destroy the dam, flooding the town and killing everyone in a horrific scene.” LOL WHUT?! Let’s go!

…for when you need to secure those hot tickets before they sell out!!!

🎭 he’s flying high
Hot tip from my friends at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe — I hear that the latest version of Tim Murray is WITCHES!, the one-man show detailing Murray’s journey of queer self-actualization through the lens of theater and film’s greatest witches, is a must-see. It plays September 26 at Joe’s Pub!

🎭 maybe you’ve heard of him
Like everyone else on God’s green Earth, I am clamoring to see Sondheim’s last musical Here We Are beginning September 28 at The Shed. It’s directed by Joe Mantello and written with playwright David Ives, who I once stared awkwardly at in the elevator of an Upper West Side apartment building. David, can you get me tickets?!

👯 tap it out
This spring I was lucky enough to catch a performance from tap company Dorrance Dance, soon to be appearing at the 92nd Street Y September 29 and I can’t recommend them enough for innovative, joyful, technically impressive tap! Shuffle your way over! 

🔥 Hot tip 
Even though I h8 offices and love working remotely like a mysterious, untraceable WFH demon, I do occasionally need a change of scenery to keep myself productive. Enter the rooftop terrace at the Stavros Niarchos Library — there’s free wifi, stunning views of Bryant Park and pastries from Amy’s Bread. F**** WeWork!!!

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you
Miss Congeniality is screening at Hudson Yards September 15

There’s yoga on the steps of the Brooklyn Museum September 16

A NAADAM cashmere sample sale begins September 19

The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie Play Madison Square Garden September 19

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