Happy Thursday. New York Metro Weather folks are calling today: “Dreary, rainy, chilly, breezy. The vibes are asleep.” While Stacy Blundell at Currently is saying: “We open the shades to puddles and raindrops. Pour a plentiful cup of coffee because we’ll need the energy to get moving. The rain comes down steadily early in the day so waterproof boots are a good idea. It will be breezy and an easy day to nap the dreary hours away.”

If you don’t decide to stay in bed, you can perk yourself up with a cup of coffee from Vanesa Kim at White Noise — a brand new coffee shop on 11th Avenue. Read more…

W42ST has definitely had a springtime theme this week as we cast off the winter of our discontent and embrace every sign of reawakening that comes our way! Assisting in this warm weather watch is a new guide from NYC Parks with a handy-dandy checklist detailing New York’s most recognizable spring symbols. Read more…

What we’ve been reading

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Here’s where you can check out New York’s spring blossom. (Untapped New York)

Have you been supplementing your dinner with uni, caviar, or truffle? Seems like it’s become a real (and expensive) thing in NYC. (Grub Street)

Are you doomscrolling? Have you tried a “digital rest stop”? (Washington Post)

Freeze Frame

Thanks to Redditor @chickenfordinnertime for this view from his hotel room at The Pod on W42nd Street looking down on 9th Avenue. His post in the Seinfeld group entitled “Parking fight: Head-first guy is cutting in on back-first guy” is a very New York moment. When asked “Who won the fight?” we were told: “Black car. Truck just drove off.”

Happy birthday to Catie Savage, Sal Salomon and Jesus Gutierrez.