Technology plays such a part in our lives these days, but there is something comforting in the images of humans voting and counting.

Vicky Kuperman spotted that we all seemed to be asking the same question of tech yesterday. When will…?

My friend John in the UK’s tech failed on his Irish accent – calling the Election Night a “shut shoe”. Well done Siri!

Meanwhile, as my GF’s Android phone went off today at 6:30am with a “Good Morning” followed by election updates, her sleepy request of “Hey Google, switch off the news!” was greeted with “According to Wikipedia, Huey Lewis and the News are…” Keep on manually counting those votes, people!

Hell’s Kitchen mourned when we heard that the Hourglass Tavern and Bettibar were closing on Restaurant Row this fall. Brendan Sokler felt it more than most, he’d hosted his birthday almost every year in the third-floor private room. What to do…? His solution was to strike a deal with Beth and Josh and take the bar home to his walk-up apartment! Here’s Brendan’s West Side Story.

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