Happy Friday! You might have noticed a few changes around these parts!

We’re doing a small rebrand to W42ST.nyc to reflect our digital pivot. We’ve not given up on W42ST magazine, but in all honesty we’ll not be able to even consider being back in full print until Broadway comes back.

Also, you might have noticed yesterday that our site has changed a little. We’re glad to say it’s now running a lot faster, it’s got a great search engine, and although the design is not fully completed, we think it looks rather beautiful. What do you think?

You should also start to see a few more of our own daily stories. We hope by the end of the year to find some more part-time help to create stories, to come up with ideas, and to be our eyes and ears on the streets. These are just a few of the things we’ve been writing about in the past 24 hours.

The Mean Fiddler is Closing

“With a heavy heart, we have to say goodbye to all customers who have entered our doors and danced the night away,” wrote Patrick McNamee on the Mean Fiddler’s Facebook page at midnight last night. […]

Joe Allen is ready for reopening

In a sign that New York is coming back, the “after the show” favorite eatery, […]

Saturday Night Comes Begging

Victor Rallo is Beverage Director and Partner at Esca on W43rd St between 9/10th Avenue […]

WANTED: Male Adult Toy Tester

Do you fancy testing and writing about four sex toys a week? Well, this $36,000 […]

What we’ve been reading

A disturbing trend as food delivery workers are robbed at gunpoint. (CBSN New York)

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Hell’s Kitchener Ryan Sutton’s love letter to the New York bar is everything right now! (Eater)

As Halloween approaches, New York Public Libary recommends books that’ll keep you awake at night… (NYPL)

Are you missing a night out at the movies? (NY Post)

Feedback – The MTA

W42ST.nyc needs your feedback. It’s a challenge every morning to find the right tone and the right stories to make sure we keep you connected, updated and upbeat. It’s as simple as hitting reply.

Yesterday, one of our readers sent me a note about my backhanded compliment to the MTA. She was quite right, and I agree that I should curb my snarky tone (it’s not one of my better traits!). Here’s her note – and let’s not forget the great stuff the MTA workers do in serving this city.

As much as I love you and admire what you are doing for Hell’s Kitchen every single day, I have to gently call you out for the back-handedness of your compliment to the MTA. My son works for the MTA (he is the manager for Technology Innovation) and they are literally killing themselves to keep the trains running in these awful times. They have lost 131 train and bus operators to the virus (so far). And for every one person who gets sick several to dozens more must be quarantined (at full pay) for 14 days. They are running on fumes both financially and emotionally. They kept the trains running when everyone who could was fleeing the city in droves. They are working literally 24 hours a day to serve us. They have no money, the federal government has abandoned them, the state has abandoned them, they are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe, and all they get is grief. Train and bus operators get physically attacked and often hurt every day. People spit on them, they throw bottles at them, they hit them and knock out their teeth. Please do not pile on.

P.S. And don’t forget they let everyone ride the bus for free for months and months at a huge loss of revenue.

P.P.S. And also don’t forget that they almost immediately installed hand sanitizer stands in the stations and are handing out thousands of free masks to anyone who wants or needs one every day. ❤️😀🚇🚌