Happy Thursday. We’ve a little winter flurry scheduled for when I hit send — and some real wintery stuff coming in overnight. It’s a wrap-up well day!

New Yorkers heading out yesterday faced a climate conundrum. Temperatures veered from a high of 67°F to a nighttime low of 36°F, leaving many sweating through their parkas or shivering as they exited Broadway theaters. Here’s why…

Our friends at THE CITY do a great job at keeping us updated with the important issues happening in New York. Yesterday, we published their reports about the MTA backtracking on testing platform doors along with ideas of what to do if your Con Ed bills have surged.

What we’ve been reading

There will be LGBTQ protests at City Hall today over Mayor Adams’ recent appointments. (New York Times)

New York is sorely lacking in public restrooms. And the ones we do have are mostly crap. (Crain’s)

The Subway Safety Plan is being rolled out at Columbus Circle. (amNY)

In the UK, actors are pushing for remote auditions to continue. (The Stage)

Take a look at Manhatta — a documentary film from 1921 by Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand. (Mad Mick’s Here)

Freeze Frame

It’s a long time since I’ve been to a stadium gig (thanks COVID!) — and even longer since I’ve seen Elton John. I was 13 when I went to my first ever concert at the Liverpool Empire with Elton on stage (that was a very long time ago!). I bought last-minute tickets for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road performance last night.

Before he left the stage he recalled his MSG memories. It was his 72nd show at the “most magical venue in the world”. He compared it to being in a Motown studio. He recalled how he’d played with John Lennon in 1972 and hosted his 60th Birthday on the stage. “All the magical memories. Always in my heart and soul. New York. Thank you,” he finished. Thank you and farewell, Sir Elton.

Thanks to Denis Malinin for the setlist — good memories!

Happy birthday to Megan Gerlach, Michael Wojcik and Max Bidna.