Good morning. Did I see you sitting at a bar last night? Probably not, as only 30% of you who responded to our survey said that you would be rushing to take up a barstool.

Thanks to all the readers who responded to our survey yesterday about bars, masks and heading back to work. We’re going to take time to read the feedback and comments from over one hundred locals and pull them together into a detailed story later today. On a day when Governor Cuomo moved towards lifting restrictions in New York — there was a feeling of caution from the majority of you. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for the summary.

Last night, we wandered to see who were early returners to Hell’s Kitchen bars. See our photo story here (it includes a guest appearance from Austin Rogers of Jeopardy fame!).

The neighborhood is in shock again after a hammer attack on a 31-year-old Asian woman who was walking her friend to the subway along W42nd Street on Sunday evening. NYPD has released video footage of the incident and is appealing for help in identifying the attacker.

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Freeze Frame

Here’s a man that you don’t often see this side of a Hell’s Kitchen bar. Kevin O’Brien took Monday off from Hellcat Annie’s to return to his former bar, The Landmark Tavern, for his “first time sitting at a bar for 14 months.” Cheers, Mr O’Brien!